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Australian Environmental Packaging Covenant

Supplier: Formrite Group
07 December, 2011

Formrite Group action plan July 2010- June 2015 - Executive summary and commitment: this action plan is adopted by the FormRite Group in accordance with its obligation as a signatory to the Australian packaging covenant.

It is the FormRite Group's first action plan under the new 2010 Australian Packaging Covenant arrangements.

The new covenant came into force in July 2010, under which signatories are required to produce an Action Plan providing information on current status and proposing targets. This plan comprises this undertaking and outlines the FormRite Group's, previous achievements and plan for 2010 - 2015.

This plan continues to develop and implement programs informed by The Waste Hierarchy, the overall strategy for waste management in Australia and commenced under the previous National Packaging Covenant which FormRite joined in 2006.

This plan identifies issues related to product stewardship, packaging design and recycling. Product stewardship means that responsibility for managing the environmental impacts of packaging is shared throughout the supply chain (raw material suppliers, packaging manufacturers, suppliers, brand owners, retailers and consumers).

Through these the company will plan to optimise and reduce our use and increase recycling of packaging, taking into account the need to maintain at all times, for the benefit of our employees, our customers, local community and all those involved in handling our products, high standards of safety, health and protection of the environment.

Senior management of the FormRite Group will oversee the responsibilities under the Australian Packaging Covenant and ensure that relevant resources are available to achieve successful outcomes. Performance related to these commitments will be reviewed regularly and decisions and actions will be internally communicated.

The following Signatory Planning and Reporting Obligations table (Table A) outlines the Performance Goals, Strategies and KPIs against which the FormRite Group has planned, followed by the Action Plan table, which shows the FormRite Group's initial status, evidence, opportunities and action proposed. Annual reports will be provided by the due date each year showing progress against these commitments.

The full plan can be viewed here