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Australian made enclosures built for Australian conditions

Supplier: B&R Enclosures By: Caroline Jones
02 September, 2010

B&R Enclosures in conjunction with the mining industry have designed a robust enclosure to suit the harshest encironments in Australia.

Australian mining regions experience some of the most extreme weather conditions. These areas are often prone to high dust, strong wind and torrential rain. B&R Enclosures understand the stress these conditions can place on electrical enclosures and have designed their mining enclosures for longevity in such diverse environments.

The Pilbara SP is the result of consultation with the mining industry and is a robust enclosure with a specially designed sloping roof which was originally designed to suit the Pilbara region in the north west of WA, one of the harshest environments in Australia. In this region an enclosure must be robust to withstand weather extremes, from harsh desert to periodic cyclonic conditions. However, it is well suited for many other locations requiring a robust enclosure solution. Rated IP66 for total protection against the ingress of dust and strong jets of water, the Pilbara SP enclosure is constructed from marine grade 316 stainless steel with zinc coated option also available, to avoid any corrosion or safety hazards.

Ben Bridges Product Marketing Manager for B&R Enclosures believes it is B&R's focus and understanding of the customer's needs that makes their enclosures withstand harsh environments.

"We have worked closely with our customers to find out exactly where the enclosure is going and create a solution that meets their project requirements. If our standard product range cannot meet these requirements then we can customise an enclosure to suit their needs," he said.

B&R Enclosures is an australian owned company that has manufacturing plants in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney and employs over 300 people nationwide. They have a stringent Quality Assurance system in place to ensure that their enclosures offer the best protection for mining equipment.

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