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Autoborewelder - BW3000 - Field Machine Tools

Supplier: Field Machine Tools

This automated step welding operation is an advanced system for fixing bores, flanges, and valves.

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The Climax BW3000 AutoBoreWelder is an automated step welding system that provides a new degree of welding performance and precision. Weld time is dramatically reduced while producing precise, uniform, high quality welds as compared to hand welding techniques.

Unmatched Weld Quality and Precision

  • Provides complete weld coverage at the start and finish of the bore
  • Reaches up to 5 feet (152.4 cm) into the bore. Using torch extension support, can extend upward using extended reach torch options.
  • Lays up to 5 lbs (2.27 kg) of metal per hour.
  • Arc time increases 50 - 100% over handwelding, cutting weld time in half. 

Built-In Cost Savings

  • Precise, uniform welds means less wire is consumed, reducing cost.
  • All configurations come ready for a push-pull wire feeder which prevents wire buckling and waste when using low column-strength wire.
  • Consistent and uniform weld reduces cutting tool wear, reducing cutting time by up to 50%. 

Single Point PLC-Based Control System Enhances Operator Safety and Control of Welding Process

  • Adjust all welding functions from one central location.
  • Weld operator safety is enhanced by allowing operator to stand back from the weld as it is being laid
  • Quickly adjust “step” size and direction, rotation speed and direction, wire feed rate, arc voltage, arc interrupt, contractor control, gas purge and extended utilization of Auto-Skip function. 

Flexible and Versatile

  • Welds in any orientation: vertical, horizontal, or inverted.
  • Allows alternating of uphill and downhill welds in a horizontal bore when welding multiple passes
  • "Offset head" provides radial adjustments of the torch while maintaining proper torch angle in relation to the work piece.
  • Wide range of travel speeds and amperage for challenging in-field conditions or working with exotic metals.
  • With proper options, can weld with any wire - stelite, nickel, exotic metals.
  • Can be configured to perform clad overlay with nickel alloys, bronze, and exotic metals.
  • Four operating modes available: Auto-Skip, Pie, Carriage Return, and Contiuous Weld.
  • Step process outperforms spiral welding by providing complete weld coverage with infinitely adjustable step, allowing bead placement from 0.40 - 0.220 inches (1.0 - 5.6 mm).
  • Auto-skip feature allows “weld only” or “skip only” areas to be designated.
  • Allows rapid completion of work on out-ofround bores, bores with keyways.
  • Precisely welds conical valve seats.

One Setup for Welding & Boring

  • Climax BoreWelder Interface Kit simplifies the boring & welding setup process.
  • Quickly attach the BW3000 AutoBoreWelder directly to the Climax BB3000, BB4500 or BB5000 Boring Machine mounting fixtures.
  • Interface kit makes it easy to switch between bore welding and line boring without losing bearing alignment.
  • Interface kit ensures perfect alignment for both welding and machining.
  • One setup for both welding and boring saves time and gets the job done quickly. 

Weld & Bore at the Same Time

  • Weld one section while boring out another, using multiple bearing mounts.
  • Simultaneous operation cuts work time in half! 

Rugged, Fitted Protective Case for Easy, Safe Transport:

  • Packaged in heavy-duty, shock-resistant case for safe, dust and water-proof storage, convenient organization and easy transport of the BW3000 AutoBoreWelder and its components.
  • Select from shop-style wire feeder, or enclosed field-style wire feeder in shockresistent waterproof case.