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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks - Hebel® BlockWall

Supplier: Guardian Building Products

Hebel® blocks are large AAC blocks, laid in much the same way as bricks but using Hebel® Adhesive to form a monolithic structure.

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Typically, external walls use a single skin of 250mm thick blocks while internal, non-loadbearing walls use 100mm thick blocks. Walls built with Hebel® Blocks are strong and durable, providing you with the security of solid masonry with the added advantages that the unique nature of Hebel® AAC can deliver.

Compared to traditional double brick construction, Hebel® Block Walls can be laid much faster, saving time and building costs. Building with Hebel® Blocks creates more internal floor area for the same building dimensions. Building with Hebel® Blocks provides loadbearing walls that completely eliminate combustible material from the wall construction making Hebel® an ideal choice for bushfire prone areas.

A range of blocks and floor panel sizes are available to suit a variety of applications including internal and external walls, flooring, lintels, step treads and bath hobs.

Hebel® block homes provide frameless loadbearing walls and when constructed in accordance with the masonry code and Hebel’s Block Design and Installation guides, comply with all 6 BAL requirements with a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of 240/240/240 – far higher than the standards require.

Building with Hebel® provides substantial benefits over traditional solid masonry construction materials:

  • Excellect thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Non-combustible blocks with frameless construction delivers superior fire resistance
  • 73% less embodied energy and 61% less greenhouse gas emissions than comparative masonry products (source LCA report GECA 2006)
  • Faster installation than double brick and concrete
  • Not a food source for termites or vermin and no cavity construction eliminates the chance of harbouring pests


  1. A Solid Home
    Choose to build with CSR Hebel BlockWall Systems and you can substantially improve the comfort and living qualities of your home, take advantage of cost saving energy strategies, rest-easy with improved sound insulation properties.
  2. Enviro-Friendly
    By choosing CSR Hebel BlockWall Systems you can create a safe, comfortable and energy saving environment within your home, and be comfortable knowing that your choice has minimised the impact on our environment.
  3. Energy Saving
    CSR Hebel BlockWall Systems are so efficient that you can choose to build walls that are up to three-and-a-hale times more thermally efficient than brick venner or even double brick construction.
  4. Solid Silence
    We all cherish our privacy, and CST Hebel BlockWall Systems can offer a lot of help with creating your private haven. You can significantly reduce the noist from room-to-room, and even cater for special facilities such as a "home theatre". CSR Hebel has proven to be a very effective noise barrier.
  5. Fire & Pest Resistance
    Solid CSR Hebel BloackWalls are very practical in high bushfire or termite prone areas. They eliminate the need for any timber wall framing, thereby eliminating much of the fuel for a fire and food for termites. Solid walls also elimintae any cavity, so there's nowhere for pests, insects, dust or mould to hide.
  6. A Solid Future
    Hebel lightweight concrete products also provide long-term durability. Structures that have been correctly installed, finished and maintained have proven their performance throughout Europe for more than 50 years.
  7. Design Freedom
    CSR Hebel BlockWall Systems can be finished in the colour and texture of your choice, placing you completely in charge of just how unique your home will be. Being solid yet lightweight and easy to work, CST Hebel Blocks can be used in many other applications within ones home, such as stairways, feature walls, sculpture, bbq areas and mouldings.
  8. A Solid Investment
    By choosing CST Hebel BlockWall Systems for your home, you are choosing to build a premium quality home using a premium quality construction system. You can also feel secure knowing that CST Hebel is manufactured and back throughout Australia by CSR (established in 1855).
  9. Render
    CSR High Build is designed to be applied 5-8mm thick in one coat. However, a two coat application will allow the final coat to set evenly and ensure a higher quality finish. In this case, each skim coat is only 2-3mm in thickness and the final coat can be applied as soon as the first has started to stiffen (can be 15-20 minutes). CSR High Build render is available in 20kg bags. Coverage depends on thickness and is approximately 2.5m2 per 20kg bag for recommended thickness of 5-8mm.
  10. Profiles are available to add character to your home. We have a range of profiles - plain bands, sill blocks, chamfer blocks, bands with a splay, keystones, wall & pier caps, port holes to help you with your style of home.

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