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Autoclean Turbidity Monitoring System

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Turbidity monitoring in potable water systems is an important indicator of water quality. The efficiency of filtration equipment is indicated by turbidity monitors. Employing a 90° light scatter measurement technique with infrared light source, measurements are made with high sensitivity and stability.

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The on-line monitoring system is designed for continuous measurement of turbidity in water. It is ideally suited for wastewater treatment, effluent monitoring and stream monitoring.

The full scale operating range of the system is user selectable from 4.000 to 4,000 NTU and will operate in water streams with temperatures from 0 to 50 degree C. The submersible sensor is designed for direct immesion into a tank or flowing stream.

The measurement method of the sensor is nephelometric. A light source and a photocell are positioned with their optical axes 90 degrees from each other. The emitted light is scattered by particles in the process and received by the photocell, in accordance to standard ISO7027. The measured turbidity is displayed on a backlit LCD on the front of the instrument.

The assembly automatically delivers high pressure air to the tip of the sensor to effectively blast accumulated growth from the optical lens. There are no moving mechanical parts to the cleaning eliminating costly repairs and faults associated with such cleaning systems.Once installed and placed into operation the autoclean turbidity monitoring system will provide months of reliable turbidity measurement in almost any application.

Sensor cleaning frequency is user programmable and units are shipped with a default cleaning frequency of once every 24 hours. This frequency has proven sufficient in most applications but can be increased if needed for a specific application.