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Automated Load Securement & Packaging Solutions

Supplier: Robotic Automation

RA Technologies P/L exclusively sources the worlds leading brands in Stretch & Shrink Wrapping, Strapping, Cubing & Weighing, and Conveying Systems to revolutionise your end-of-line and logistics processes.

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Stretch Wrapping solutions from Robopac
Robopac have been providing stretch wrapping solutions for clients large and small around the world since 1985. They have become the machines of choice because they guarantee high standards, a fact borne out by their ISO 9001 certification.

Automatic: A range of automatic Stretch Wrapping Systems is led by the state-of-the-art model Genesis, capable of wrapping 130 pallets per hour!
Semi-automatic: Here you’ll also find many options to suit, from the a self-guided pallet wrapping Robot 2002 to the very popular Rotoplat range which is led by the remote operated Rotoplat LP-A.
Horizontal Loading: To secure smaller loose bundles of products such as newspaper or long sections of wood, tubing etc, we offer a range of Horizontal Loading systems from the semi automatic Compacta to the fully automatic Spiror. To complement this range we also offer a selection of shrink-wrapping systems.

Check the link above for some case study examples and further information.

Strapping Solutions from Itipack

Itipack also manufactures systems to ISO9001 certification and has been providing Strapping Solutions since 1958.

System Range: Choose from a range of fully automatic end-of-line strapping systems that have been designed to handle specific product types. From Paper & Wood product strapping, through Cotton & Fibre, to Cans and Bottles, to Cement and Ceramic products... there’s one to suit your needs.

Check the link above for some case study examples and further information.

Shrink Wrapping Solutions for Pallets and Large Products from MSK
MSK have been designing and manufacturing shrink wrapping systems in Germany, to the highest standards (ISO9001) for many years.

System Range: The extensive range is used in Food & Beverage, Paper & Printing, Chemical, Whitegoods, and general load securement industries. The patented MSK Undershrink™ System provides optimum load stability while the MSK ClearView™ effect ensures a high quality finished surface to the film that allows barcodes under the film to be scanned without problem.

Check the link above for some case study examples and further information.

Cubing and Weighing, Registration, and Conveying Systems from Caljan

A world leader in solutions for the Parcel Handling industry, there are more than 8,500 Caljan systems installed in over 60 countries (with more than 100 in Australia, including TNT and McPhees). Manufactured again to ISO9000 certification.

System Range: Automatic and Semi-automatic Parcel Registration systems to scan parcel data for Sorting, Billing, and Stock Management. Cubing & Weighing systems that automatically measure & weigh each unit for freight costing. Telescopic conveyors that allow for fast and safe loading & unloading of parcel shipments.

Check the link above for some case study examples and further information.


Rugged system design and precise manufacturing and fabrication supervision ensures reliability, minimises service effort, and results in the ISO 9001 certification. All systems are backed by the national RA Service network of experienced, factory-trained technicians who draw from our own local store of parts.

Sound Investment

RA Technologies P/L’s team of qualified and experienced engineers, designers and technicians build an economic, turnkey solution around your load-securement or packaging application to achieve the best result and fastest return on your investment.

Proven Track Record
Some of our “Stretch Wrapping” Clients include:

  • Coca-Cola Amatil, Peters Ice Cream, Golden Circle, Nestlé, SunRice
  • Bluescope (BHP), James Hardie, Capral Aluminium, Hills Industries, Wattyl
  • Sunbeam Victa, Southcorp Rheem
  • And many more…

Some of our “Strapping” Clients include:

  • ACI Glass, Bluescope (BHP), Southcorp, Borg
  • Amcor, CSR, Fibre Containers
  • And many more…

Some of our “Shrink Wrapping” Clients include:

  • Coca-Cola Amatil
  • ACI Glass, Email Appliances
  • And many more…

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