Automated Temperature Monitoring and Alarm

Supplier: ETM Pacific
06 March, 2012

The following provides a summary of the types of automated temperature monitoring alarm solutions currently available from ETM Pacific Pty Ltd.

Types of automated temperature monitoring and alarm systems and their typical applications include:

Standalone single or multi-point unit units

Useful for cool rooms, fridges, storage areas etc where the alarm can be addressed by on site personnel

  • Elpro Ecolog and Hamster Data Loggers

Short range wireless systems

Useful for multiple cool rooms, fridges, storage areas etc and where data logging is also required

  • Eltek Gen II Radio Logging System
  • Elpro FDA, GAMP approved Ecolog Net Wireless Sensor System

Networkable, Ethernet-based monitoring solutions

Useful for monitoring multiple points across a facility or potentially across the country or around the world

  • Elpro FDA, GAMP approved Ecolog Net Central Monitoring Systems
  • IMSE Webmaster Control and Monitoring Solutions

Cellular based alarm systems

Useful for isolated sites where LAN connections are not available or practicable, systems can be simple SMS alarm only or provide near real-time monitoring and alarm

  • ETM SMS alarm units
  • ekoCALM automated data logging solution
  • IMSE Webmaster alarm and monitoring solutions