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Automatic Backwashing Filter System

Supplier: Absolute Filters

Single vs Dual Stations - on smaller systems with flow rates less than 1500 LPM, our standard is "single station" systems which means each housing is a station.

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

Larger systems use a "dual station" approach which has two housings per station.

The two housingsshare common manifold pipes which allow a fifty percent reduction in valves and, during backwash, two housings at a time (1 Dual Station) go off-line for cleaning.

The picture illustrates the "Dual Station" approach. Note that there are three stations, with each station having two housings on common manifold which is most visible below the housing.

This Pneutroller system also has six housings in a "Single Station" configuration with each housing having separate valves.

Applications of the Automatic Backwashing  Filter  System

The ABW is being used in many industries throughout the WORLD as well as overseas in such places as Argentina, Taiwan, Chile and Venezuela and USA.

Industries served include:

Automotive - Steel - Petroleum - Chemical - Pharmaceutical - Electronics - Nuclear Power - Superfund Sites - Groundwater and Soil Remediation - Commercial Laundries - Entertainment - Food - Mining -Detergents - Paper

Applications of the Automatic  Backwashing  Filter  System include:

Cooling Towers - Coolants - Membrane Protection - Sulfuric and other Acids - Harvesting Steroids - Oil Reclamation - Potable and DI Water - Bottling Plants - Food Processing - Recycling