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Automatic Bagging Machine | GR900-15

Supplier: Active Weighing Solutions

The new GR900-15 Automatic Bagging Machine is compact, reliable, robust and runs unattended - significantly freeing operator time to attend to other production tasks

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Active Weighing Solutions has designed a fully automatic bagging machine capable of handling open mouth pillow or gusseted bags at up to 15 bags per minute bagging rate.

The Bag Magazine has a high bag storage capacity and can be filled while the Bagging Machine is running.

Bag gusset retention is a key feature, ensuring the bag is picked, placed, filled and closed while maintaining the manufacturer’s original gusset.

The GR900-15 has a compact footprint and runs operator unattended, significantly freeing up operator time to attend to other tasks.

The operator can nominate the required bagging rate through a Touch Screen, ensuring maximum production is achieved during a shift.

Designed in house by Active Weighing Solutions with local manufacture, assembly and testing in our factory before dispatch, this high quality Automatic Bagging Machine delivers reliable and fast bagging with little operator involvement.

Key Features of the new Automatic Bagging Machine | GR900-15 include

  • Handles a wide variety of bags, including low friction coefficient bags
  • Easy change over for different products and bag sizes
  • Machine self-recovery at picking position, bag separation position and a bag clamp
  • Operates in high Australian temperatures
  • Reliable mechanical operation
  • Robust construction
  • Compact footprint
  • Does not require high operator skill set
  • Runs operator unattended
  • Designed to operate 24/7

High Capacity Bag Storage Carousel
The Carousel can hold up to 900 bags. (Depending upon the thickness of the bags)

The standard Carousel has six magazines, each capable of holding up to 150 bags

A clear hinged lid allows the Operator safe access to refill the bag storage carousel while the bagging line continues to run.  The carousel can be fully charged the in one visit.

Indicative storage/continuous operation:

  • 5 bags per minute  --> 3 hours
  • 10 bags per minute  --> 1.5 hours
  • 15 bags per minute  --> 3/4 hour

Accomodates Range of Bag Sizes
The Bag Magazines are easily adjusted to accommodate different bag sizes. The design significantly increases the reliability of bag presentation for picking and placing.

Handles Range of Bag Material

The GR900-15 Bagging Machine handles a wide range of bag material including very smooth bags and bag material such as:

  • Woven Polypropylene
  • Laminated Woven
  • Polypropylene
  • Plastic
  • Paper

Bag Construction

The GR900-15 Bagging Machine is versatile and will handle the following bag construction formats:

  • Pillow
  • Gusseted (will maintain original gussets)
  • Block Bottom
  • Sewn Bottom (with tags)
  • Zip Lock Bags

Handles Smooth Bags
The Design overcomes slippage problems when stacking very smooth bags (bags with very low friction coefficient). The benefit is a near 100% pick and place of the empty bag to the Slat Conveyor. (Note issues may occur if the bag is badly folded, creased, glued or sewn to another bag.)

High Reliability Bag Picking
The GR900-15 has individually monitored vacuum generators for bag pick up. If vacuum pressure is lost at a single cup the bag drops back into the magazine. The machine will attempt to move on if pickup is unsuccessful however if it is still unsuccessful it will raise an alarm for Operator attention.

High Reliability Bag Placing
The system ensures bags are consistently placed on the Bag Clamp in the correct position.  If a bag placement is not successful, the machine will self recover and drop it clear.  Bagging operation continues without Operator involvement.  However the machine will raise an alarm for operator attention if three unsuccessful bag placements occur. There will not be product spillage as bag detection sensors test the placed bag ensuring the weigher does not discharge product a bag is not correctly placed.

Bag Gusset Retention
The GR900-15 design maintains the original bag gussets (if present) and creates the environment for the bags to be reliably properly sealed.

Bag Top Held Securely
The Closing Conveyor is height adjustable and Bag Guide Rails are not needed.  The bag is held and carried by a traction drive system ensuring the bag top is controlled securely all the way though Sewing or Heal Sealing to the Bag Kicker.

Thread Break Detection and Vision System for Quality Control
Thread break detection monitors the needle and looper threads to detect a missed sew. An optional Vision System provides an additional level of quality control and will detect a fault such as an unsewn or poorly closed bag, raising an alarm before product is spilled.


Bagging Rate

  • The GR900-15 is designed to run up to 15 bags per minute.
  • Bagging speed is NOT dependent on the Operator
  • The bagging rate is set on the (HMI) touch screen.


  • ± 20 grams* Depending upon product and flow characteristics.* 95% of all weighments will be within the stated tolerance
  • The GR900-15 standard model design assumes non-hazardous application


This is an innovative new product designed to overcome issues encountered in automated bagging systems.  Please call or email for more information or a quote.