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Automatic Blending Control System | Blendscan

Supplier: Scantech International

Scantech is a global leader in the supply of on-line analysers, such as the Blendscan Automatic Blending Control System, for conveyed bulk materials in the cement, coal, energy and minerals sectors.

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Real time compositional data enables operators to optimise plant processes and quality control.

Effectiveness of the GEOSCAN elemental analysers, used in raw material pre-blending and raw mix proportioning applications in cement plants, can be maximised through the use of Blendscan software.

The Blendscan Automatic Blending Control System controls the proportioning of raw material feed into stockpiles or raw mills to obtain the desired product quality while respecting process limitations and minimising the total material cost.

Blendscan is available in three different versions:

Raw Mix:

  • BLENDSCAN MILL – automatic blending system for quality control of the raw mix. BLENDSCAN MILL controls the quality of raw mix product based on GEOSCAN analyser measurements by automatically adjusting the raw mix proportions (premix, additives).


  • BLENDSCAN PILE ONLINE – automatic blending system for quality control of stockpiles with feeders. Controls the quality of stockpiles based on GEOSCAN analyser measurements by automatically adjusting feeder proportions of the input materials (building mix).
  • BLENDSCAN PILE OFFLINE – stockpile blending system without feeders (with trucks/buckets). Offers similar features as BLENDSCAN PILE ONLINE version. However, in the absence of feeders Blendscan Pile Offline advises the quarry operator on how many tons of each input material (e.g. distinct classes of limestone, clay, marl, etc) should be put on the remaining stockpile.

Benefits of BLENDSCAN Automatic Blending Control System

  • Minimised variations in product quality
  • Better quarry management
  • Increased production
  • Increased profits
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Reliable HMI based on Siemens WinCC

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