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Automatic inspection applications spread far and wide

Supplier: Vision Systems Engineering
17 September, 2013

Recently we were asked by CSF Robotics to design an inspection system to identify car wheel rims being presented in a random order, and at the rate of up to ten per minute.

The system was required to handle a potential product pool of 1000 individual designs for an installation in Thailand. The system needed to identify each rim once it had been fed into a controlled lighting environment, and send the corresponding ID to a number of robots for individual machining on the rim. The inspection time taken for the ID is around one second depending on the size of the library of rims.

Vision programming was competed in Melbourne for a sample of rims and once proved viable, the inspection
housing was incorporated into a larger conveying system for rim presentation to the robots.

The installation can be accessed remotely from Vision Systems Engineering in Melbourne, enabling 24/7 service or monitoring capabilities.

Other recent interesting inspection applications have been:

  • Cap measurements for the wine industry (accuracy to 5 micron).
  • Five-viewpoint inspections of plastic containers (all sides and base).
  • Quality and continuity of robot placed sealant.
  • Control of cutting mechanisms in steel production.
  • Fold detail in paper packaging equipment.
  • Fine measurements and data recording of fasteners for regular sample inspection.