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Automatic Slurry Valve Grinding Machine

Supplier: Lewis Australia

This innovation is a dream come true for alumina plant operators

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Automatic Slurry Valve Grinding Machine

This innovation is a dream come true for alumina plant operators.

Key Features:

  • Proven 90% faster than manual grinding
  • Delivers predictable, low leakage isolation
  • Fits existing valves, no modifications needed
  • Grinds in-situ, avoids costly changeouts
  • Self powered and portable
  • No sledge hammers
  • No arduous manual grinding

The Lewis automatic valve grinding technology is the result of a joint development with Queensland Alumina Ltd. Patent applications have been filed on behalf of the owners of this technology.

The on-board grinding controller automatically advances the valve disc towards it’s seat at appropriate intervals to ensure maximum grinding rate is maintained.

This eliminates substantial time wastage between each advance. The extent of each advance is selectable by the operator to accommodate scale of differing hardness.

On completion of grinding, or if a fault occurs, the machine will automatically stop and alert the operator.

When grinding Lunkenheimer valves the manual lock-nut is replaced by a specially developed clutch, only for the duration of grinding. The locknut is replaced at the conclusion of grinding and the grinding machine is moved to the next valve.

A standard machine is available to fit valve actuating drives in the height range of 500mm to 1550mm.

The technology is adaptable for a range of valve sizes and valve types.

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