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Automation areas served well by reel solutions

Supplier: ReCoila Hose and Cord Reels
13 September, 2013

The transfer of hydraulics oils from storage source to equipment carries with it certain risks – of injury as well as down time.

An Australian hose reel manufacturer says it is not just expedient handling that is important, but also safety around the handling of hydraulic oils that should be a key consideration for those moving applications.

This is applicable in mining, quarrying, construction, energy, transport and shipping, processing, cleaning, as well as the general engineering sectors.

Predominantly, reel technology should be designed and constantly refined to not just handle the oils but also remain tangle-free, says managing director of ReCoila, Michael Pawson.

"Speed, efficiency of handling and general organisation is very important, but there is also the aspect of protecting the safety of workers using reels while it is eliminating downtime that can cripple a high-output operation," Pawson said.

"Hose reels have to slot in like any other piece of operating equipment; so the utmost attention has to be given to design criteria and job application so as to minimise all chances of such equipment being part of a workplace accident.

"If every aspect of the reel design works efficiently and continuously during standard workplace procedure, then it is far more likely to work without failure during an emergency.

"In many process and automation solutions that rely on hydraulic oils to operate, hose reels are not even a point of discussion and these businesses sometimes operate with hoses scattered around the ground, which is a potentially dangerous trip hazard."

The use of hose reels can reduce accident and insurance expenses. Slips, trips and falls are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents and compensation claims around Australia.

Work Cover statistics reveal this type of accident as one of the most common in the workplace, year after year. By using hose reels with all hose and cord operations, workplaces become more organised, clean and efficient.

Productivity is also increased as any time a hose or cord is required, an employee can easily find it on the reel.

"Although we are customisation specialists, we do make it a priority to ensure all line items are designed in accordance with OH&S expectations and deal closely with end users to identify exactly how the hose or cord will be required to work in situ," Pawson said.

"Apart from ensuring worker safety around the handling of hydraulic oil transfer, accident reduction positively impacts the bottom line for a company."

ReCoila's Automation Series is a range of constant tension automation reels specifically designed to supply hydraulic oil from fixed to moving points on cranes, truck mounted cranes, forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment.

Due to the varying demands across these industries – in particular the mining industry, ReCoila's Automation Series reels to accommodate anywhere from a single hose to six hoses.

Heavy duty construction allows the reels to handle constant repetitive unwind/rewind motions of crane arms or forklift lifting mechanisms, ensuring reliable operation.

To consider less rugged alternatives than the Automation Series increases the likelihood of a breakdown while a crane or forklift is at full extension, thereby increasing the degree of difficulty of any repair work.

ReCoila's Automation Series hose reels can handle all types of hose and cable combinations and working pressures.