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Automotive Window Film | Endurance

Supplier: Film Pacific

Automotive Window Film Endurance is the most advanced automotive film in the Film Pacific series.Superior solar control film that comes with a lifetime warranty

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Automotive Window Film | Endurance

Its discrete reflective effect gives a unique appearance to any vehicle and provides excellent heat rejection characteristics.

The Endurance series is manufactured using sputtered metallization which produces its distinct colour without the use of dyes.

Endurance window film is the ultimate choice in heat rejection, and is the definition of long lasting sun protection. Endurance provides exceptional optical clarity, superior heat reduction and protection from 99% of ultraviolet radiation.

Endurance also offers the best warranty in the industry. Ordinary automotive window films use dyes to provide colour, which can ultimately fade and/or turn purple. Endurance does not contain dyes, and is therefore guaranteed not to fade or change colour for as long as you own the vehicle.

Endurance is created through a sputtering process that enables atom-sized reflective metals to evenly and uniformly coat polyester. It is these fine layers of metal that give Endurance its attractive neutral grey sheen and excellent solar energy rejection properties. It will enhance the appearance of any vehicle.

 Features of Automotive Window Film | Endurance

  • Magnificent Looks
  • Maximum Protection
  • Full metal construction - no fading