Avocadoes wrapped with stretch tape

Supplier: Safetech
01 December, 2011

A Queensland avocado grower required pallet containment for avocadoes shipped around Australia.

The Problem

Avocadoes were packed in Queensland for national shipping and the current pallet containment methods were either too expensive or resulted in excessive product damage due to the "sweating" of the produce when wrapped in conventional stretch film.

Product Chosen

Safetech Stretch Tape Easy Wrapper

Benefits of this Product

  • Elimination of sweating and product damage.
  • Increased shelf life for avocadoes.
  • Lower total wrapping cost.
  • Safety of wrapping using machine versus manual application.
  • Alternatives
  • Stretch film. Containment was inadequate and product damage excessive.
  • Netting with corner boards. Very expensive and very unpopular with customers due to the difficulties removing netting and problems with netting becoming entangled in machinery.