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AxePax | Plastic Packaging Boxes


AxePax was developed by incorporating the traditional design of a 'cardboard box' with a material called 'Polypropylene'. This application creates a product that is not only familiar, but also reusable time and time again and thereby helping the environment
and saving money.

Polypropylene is a plastic type material that you are likely to be in contact with multiple times each day. When manufactured as a 'twin wall flute' it is commonly associated with external advertising signage. Looks like Cardboard (Fluted) but plastic - This is similar to what we use to produce AxePax. For AxePax to be successful we not only had to deliver improved return on investment to our customers, we also had to address their environmental concerns.

While having a product that is recyclable was a key factor in this strategy, it was equally important that we deliver a product that provided a significantly longer life cycle than traditional methods. (eg multi use packaging)

Through reusability we extend the life cycle of our packaging thereby reducing the frequency that these items require recycling. The Packaging is Returnable, Recyclable and Reusable. Our products are multi usable many times over. This gives us a distinct advantage over single use packaging

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