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Axle weighing scales eliminates truck overloading

Supplier: AccuWeigh By: Gary Bryant
14 June, 2011

Axle weighing scales measuring 4 metres long by 3 metres wide are being used to ensure all trucks leaving a Victorian freight depot fully comply with legal axle and truck load limits.

Installed by Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch, the axle weighing scale was installed at the Brooklyn depot of Total Transport Logistics to eliminate the risk of trucks incurring fines for overloaded axle groups.

Accuweigh’s fully galvanised axle weighing scales have a weighing capacity of 30 tonnes and are pit mounted with the weighing deck at ground level for ease of truck access. For high weighing accuracy, the concrete hardstand either side of the axle weighing scales needs to be level for the entire length of the truck/trailer not on the axle scales at any time during the split weighing process.

The weight readings of the axle scales are generated by an Accuweigh 5000 digital weight indicator which are then transmitted to a Rinstrum D740 large digit remote display to allow the drivers to also see the weight readings of each axle group.  A tally roll printer also receives the weight readings to generate hard copies of all truck axle weights for added compliance with the recently introduced Chain of Responsibility Legislation.

Accuweigh has a diverse product range suited for eliminating overloading fines; including both steel and concrete deck weighbridges of all lengths, wheel weigh pads and in-motion axle weighbridges. Eight Accuweigh branches across mainland states provide competent service support for all clients.