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Supplier: Burkert Fluid Control Systems
28 August, 2006

Bürkert’s 100% Failure-Free Module Delivery. A tough and precise custom module designed by industry leader Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is giving a boost to pioneering New Zealand exporter, Envirosafe Technologies International Limited. Envirosafe Technologies, based out of Auckland in New Zealand, has won international accolades for its mosquito trapping system.

The company’s flagship system, the Mega-Catch™ Ultra, utilises an ingenious combination of stimuli to attract the insects, mimicking human attributes including movement, colour, heat and – with the aid of Bürkert’s module – a biological presence.  The Mega-Catch Ultra emits carbon dioxide (CO2), thereby imitating human breathing.


The Mega-Catch Ultra has been independently tested in New Zealand and the United States as superior to leading market competitors.


General Manager of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems in New Zealand, Mr Brian McMath designed and delivered the modular component, designed to handle gas delivery in the Mega-Catch Ultra, directly to Envirosafe’s local mosquito trap assembly plant.


“Prior to our collaboration with Bürkert, we purchased all the gas delivery system components individually and put them together ourselves,” said Envirosafe Technologies Director Mr Ken Child.


“This was a time consuming operation, in terms of sourcing the system components, handling logistics and then actually putting everything together.  While our assembly staff is excellent, they are not gas delivery system experts and this was simply not the most efficient way to build the Mega-Catch.


“Brian McMath came down to visit and explained to us that he could put together a complete system module and deliver it to us ready for connection to the Mega-Catch™ Ultra in our factory.


“Even better, the Bürkert module had a superior spec to what we were doing at the time, which helped improve our product and facilitated our push into the highly regulated US market.,” he said.  “Since our partnership with Bürkert started, we have not had one quality issue – every module has worked to spec.”


Mr Child said that the gas control module is delivered finished, tested and certified directly to his assembly factory, and is easily fitted to the main unit.  This has considerably decreased unit assembly time and improved Quality Assurance, with outsourced fluid control experts now responsible for that end of the system.


“Bürkert has been easy to deal with, helpful and progressive in partnering with us to find more efficient and effective ways to produce our mosquito traps,” said Mr Child.