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BAE Batterien GmbH

Supplier: R & J Batteries
27 June, 2012

BAE Batterien GmbH is a medium-sized privately owned company with a long tradition of manufacturing lead-acid batteries.

BAE has produced the highest quality batteries in Berlin since 1899. All the products are made according to the highest (environmental) standards and are DIN-certificated viz. DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.

BAE is active worldwide and the core business is in the production and sales of stationary batteries for the use in back-up power solutions for utilities, telecommunication as well as UPS for industrial applications and had built a world renowned reputation for quality, reliability and innovation.

During the last several years BAE has also strongly developed its market position as a supplier to the renewable energy sector. BAE batteries are well known for their high lifecycle and low maintenance, which make them especially suitable to the strongly growing off-grid PV-market. That these qualities are very well respected is confirmed by the impressive customer reference list.

BAE follows market developments and research trends closely, which is why we also strongly focus on cooperation with several university-level institutions. The cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin is an example of the innovative and future orientated strategy of our company.

If you need power you can rely on for your domestic or commercial application, don’t look past BAE batteries to provide you with uninterrupted operations and the maximum service life available.

Due to the regulations relating to transportation and the maintenance involved with flooded cells we primarily supply the BAE Gel series of batteries with 70ah – 4770ah cells available. Flooded options are available on request. Please contact us for any further information.

BAE PVV-Cells are available in 2 volt cells only with a large range of capacities available to suit any application. PVV Cells are maintenance free batteries and used to store electrical energy in medium and large solar photovoltaic installations.

BAE PVV- Block batteries are available in 2 volt, 6 volt and 12 volt options available. Block solar batteries are maintenance-free and used to store electric energy in small solar photovoltaic installations or grid backup applications. Perfect for applications where the battery bank location has size restrictions and needs to be kept to a minimum without compromising on quality.