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Balmoral Engineering have now released a new rubber switchboard matting designed to insulate up to 17KV.

Supplier: Balmoral Engineering
22 April, 2009

After much research and R&D, Balmoral have developed a black synthetic rubber mat, which will insulate up to 17KV working voltage. Electrically compliant with ASTM -D178 class2, this rubber matting is available in rolls or cut to size. Each shipment is batch tested to 20 KV to ensure the highest standards.

The special EPDM blend, has created an extremely weather resistant mat, almost impervious to the effects of sunlight and ozone, ensuring a long lasting product.

The mat has been carefully formulated to provide a light weight and fleixble product. It also contains a smooth cloth easy to clean finish that does not attract mud and dirt. It is also non-slip for wet or muddy environments.

The rubber conforms electrically with ASTM D-178 class 2 as well as AS-2978 class A.

For more information on our range of electrical insulating mats please phone or email.