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Bamboos - an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood floors

Supplier: Simply Bamboo
03 November, 2010

Bamboo flooring can be installed in a variety of applications, from direct stick to a floating floor option

These main two bamboo flooring styles are:

1. Click & Lock Bamboo Flooring, which is a floating floor and due to its innovative self locking systems makes it a great choice for the DIY as no glue is necessary.

2. T&G Bamboo Flooring, which is a traditional tongue and groove floor that requires it to be glued to the sub floor it is installed on.

Simply Bamboo Flooring is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to hardwood floors, and the product is derived from fully sustainable forests that are environmentally friendly and have little no effect on the local plant and animal population around it.

Bamboo is a regenerative resource and can grow rapidly along with being environmentally sustainable, makes it a great choice for your home and your conscious.

Coupled with its price advantage, compressed woven bamboo floors are creating significant interest of late due to their appearance and performance qualities over existing hard wood alternatives.

In review, bamboo flooring provides not only a hard wearing floor throughout your homes high traffic areas, but also a fantastic performer in commercial applications.

Bamboo flooring is also a great alternative for those with allergies as it is easy to maintain and does not collect harmful allergens like carpet and grout in tiles.

Easy to clean, as bamboo flooring doesn't trap dirt, most spills can be cleaned up with a mop or sponge.

With its quick installation – Simply Bamboo Flooring is strong player against traditional solid select timber floors as being pre-finished it is already sanded and finished with 7 durable German "Klummp" UV coatings.

Bamboo flooring is capable of being quickly installed ready for use with minimal disruption, giving you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to camp out or stay at the in-laws for an uncomfortable amount of time!

Our Simply bamboo flooring are sealed with non-toxic glues and are finished with aluminium oxide, making it remain stable under humid and dry conditions.

All Simply bamboo Flooring products have natural colours and are consistent through to the core.

Our Bamboo Floors have high UV resistance, blocking the sun's harmful rays and protecting the floor pattern from fading over time.

We also have an excellent warranty protection. The manufacturer warrants Simply Bamboo Flooring in the original manufactured state is free from structural defects (Structural Warranty) for 10 years in residential applications and 5 years for commercial use. Simply Bamboo warrants to the original purchaser that the top wear layer (Coating Warranty) of aluminium oxide will not peel or separate from the flooring plank in residential applications for 5 years and 3 for commercial use.

Don’t panic if you do damage you floor as it can be repaired.

The damaged bamboo floorboards can be replaced, direct stick boards can be routed out, removed and replaced, whereas click & lock the boards are simply unlocked, removed and replaced with new ones.

For those who are bored with traditional hardwood floors and look to the natural beauty and durability of bamboo flooring will not be disappointed as it brings a unique splendour to your home from the feel of walking on it with your bare feet to the overall look and appearance, you will then know you have made the right choice.

Woven Compressed Bamboo Floors are very hard wearing and durable with a Janka Rating of 14.7kN, making it harder than traditional, Jarrah and Marri.

Woven Compressed bamboo flooring technology is retardant against termites and white ants, giving you peace of mind in your home in the event there may be an infestation your floor is safeguarded against such damage.