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Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer

Supplier: Spray Nozzle Engineering

Faster Racking with Less Cost - The NEW Barrels Seal | Rack-it-Teer:

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Filling or emptying wine from barrels by pushing with gas often draws in oxygen which needs to be purged to prevent damaging the wine; this process of purging is expensive in both time and the cost of the purging gas.

With the unique expandable bung/cam locking system, the Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer make racking faster and uses much less purging gas, saving time and money; the Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer allow for the filling or emptying of 10 or more barrels to each bottle of purging gas used*.

The Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer contain a unique bung that contracts or expands to apply a tight and secure barrel seal, ensuring oxygen drawn into the barrel is kept to a minimum and allows the Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer to be used on any sized barrel.

An adjustable wand length adapts to different sized barrels, allowing for locking of the racking wand at the optimum location and works in conjunction with the sight glass to ensure the cleanest wine; a 'hands-free' torch holder allows the wine to be seen in the sight glass during filling or emptying with ease.

A unique cam lock on the Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer allow for quick and easy bung expansion & release and the retractable locking fingers stabilize the Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer during use, thereby reducing manpower during racking; the locking fingers also provide a positive seal without leakage or drawing in unnecessary air or losing purging gases.

The Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer contain dual gas ports, which allow for easy connection and bleed off, with a safety pressure release valve at 13 psi to prevent damage to the barrel from overpressurizing. The 135º Tri-Clover Sweep prevent hose kinks and reduce weight.

The Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer are made of stainless steel, thereby resisting corrosion and damage, making it extremely durable. The wand is available in two standard lengths, with custom lengths available upon request and the Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer can also be used in conjunction with stainless steel barrels and kegs.

*Assuming use of nitrogen as purging gas and dependant upon the size of barrel used. With certain 'T' cylinder connections, the Barrel Seals | Rack-it-Teer can empty 18-20 barrels per cylinder of gas.