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Base Metal Thermocouples | Pyrosales

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The Pyrosales' Base Metal Thermocouple covers the majority of applications within industry over a range of –180°C to +1300°C.

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Pyrosales' Base Metal Thermocouples:

  • Type T: Copper Constantan -180°C to +400°C
  • Type J: Iron Constantan 0°C to +750°C
  • Type E: Chromel® Constantan 0°C to +900°C
  • Type K: Chromel® Alumel® 0°C to +1200°C
  • Type N: Nicrosil Nisil 0°C to +1300 °C

The base-metal element is available in two basic forms:

(1) Bare Wire and Beads - normally requires additional protection from the medium being measured.

(2) Mineral Insulated - can be used on its own, except in particularly severe conditions such as in aluminium or brass foundries.

The information below provides a selection guide for Base Metal thermocouple sheathing material. It covers only the most commonly supplied thermocouples. We specialise in “Made to Order” units and will quote against your specifications.

The recommended sheath temperature is limited by the thermocouple range. For higher temperatures, see Rare Metal Thermocouples.


  • 316 SS - 870°C: Good corrosion resistance
  • 446 SS - 1090°C: For use where sulphur is present
  • INCONEL 600/601 - 1150°C: Not to be used where sulphur is present
  • 253 MA 253 - 1100°C: Economic replacement for Inconel 600 \
  • Metal Ceramic LT -1 - 1370°C: Used in copper, brass and steel industry
  • Plumbargo VG - 1350°C: Used in brass foundries
  • Silicone Carbide SIC - 1650°C: Used in aluminium industry
  • Aluminous Porcelain IAP - 1500°C: General purpose furnace applications
  • Coated 1100 Series - 1160°C: Used in aluminium industry
  • Hexoloy® HEX - 1650°C: Most corrosive/erosive environments
  • Syalon ® SY - 1150°C: Used in aluminium industry

Hexoloy® Registered trade mark of Carborundum Company.
Syalon® Registered trade mark of Cookson.
Chromel® Registered trade mark of Hoskins Manufacturing.
Alumel® Registered trade mark of Hoskins Manufacturing.