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Basestation Antennas - 27 MHz C.B. Adjustable Tip Antennas

Supplier: Dynmast

Standard adjustable tip antennas (Type "SAT") are available from Dynmast.

Price Guide: POA

This antenna has proven to be effective in the trucking transport field as well as for passenger & 4WD vehicle use.

Constructed from 9.5mm solid fibreglass rods, this antenna is helically wound with 0.8mm diameter copper wire, enclose in PVC heatshrink.The antenna features a screwdriver adjustable stainless steel tip enabling the end user to make slight tuning adjustments if required.

Adjustbale tip - Exposed coil antennas (Type "ATEC")
To feature the helical wound red copper wire at the top if the antenna we offer our customers specially heatshrunk antennas, black at the base with a clear heatshrink section at the top. This feature makes the antenna look more technical. But practically offers no added performance.

Chunkies (Type "C")
Our heavy-duty adjustable tip antennas are manufactured from solid 935mm fibreglass rod, again helically wound but with 1mm PVC insulated wire which is then terminated to a heavy nickel-plated brass ferrule.

This antenna was designed to handle more power for customers who have radios which transmit higher power or have amplification.These antennas are covered with PVC heatshrink available in black, blue and white combinations.

A - 104        SAT        1Ft (300mm long) Adj tip antenna
A - 106        SAT        2 Ft (600mm long) Adj tip antenna
A - 110        SAT        3Ft (900mm long) Adj tip antenna
A - 111        SATH     3Ft Hollow Fibreglass Lightweight rod
A - 116        SAT        4Ft (1200mm long) Adj tip antenna
A - 121        SAT        5Ft (1500mm long) Adj tip antenna
A - 124        ATEC     2Ft (600mm long) Exposed coil antenna
A - 125        ATEC     3Ft (900mm long) Exposed coil antenna
A - 140        C            3Ft (900mm long) Chunkie
A - 141        C            3Ft Combo Black/White or Blue/White