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Basic information on pool resurfacing

Supplier: Hitchins Technologies Pty Ltd
12 August, 2010

Everything you wanted to know about pool resurfacing, pool coatings, its applications and other issues related to pools and spas.

Surface Preparation
Any manufacturer should provide very comprehensive, easy to follow instructions, so that the surface is ready for the application.

For existing pools the biggest issues are to do with removing all body fats and oil based contamination, (sun tan lotions etc). In addition ensuring the existing coating is well adhered, the underling surface is not drummy and the surface is dry, is important.

Any contamination that remains on the surface will affect the adhesion of the new paint. Failure of the new paint within a short period can be expected.

All coatings have specific criteria to be followed in regard to application techniques, mixing, dilution, weather conditions, and coverage rates. These need to be completely understood and followed carefully to ensure the best result.

For most coatings, correct film build will determine the length of performance. The greater the film build the longer it will last. There is no free lunch, with this.

Correct drying / curing
Any coating requires the correct conditions for complete and successful application. Low temperature, high humidity, or sunny and windy conditions will impact on the correct curing. Generally a 4 – 7 day interval is needed before the pool is refilled. Follow the coating manufacturer's instructions.

Other issues

Pools are unique
Each pool should be treated as an individual project as it will have its own characteristics. From design, construction, wear and tear, water treatment, usage profile, ground water / hydrostatic pressure, coating systems and future usage needs.

We would recommend, that for your pool, expert advice be sort if you have any doubts.

Quotations from Approved Applicators, which detail the whole procedure, are recommended.

Proven Service
The Manufacturer should have a lengthy track record with the products and be able to answer any technical questions, quickly and effectively.

As the labour cost for surface preparation and applying each coating type is about the same, getting the longest life possible should be the aim. Certainly Epoxies have shown the best, most cost effective performance. A decade of maintenance free service is quite feasible with them. With school budgets stretched and unplanned maintenance un wanted, proven long term performance is mandatory.

More info
We at Hitchins Technologies Pty Ltd. trust you have found this introduction useful. We have a 25 year plus record in pool coatings and you are welcome to make use of our knowledge, without obligation.