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Basic Safety Rules for LPG Cylinders

Supplier: Elgas Limited
03 December, 2007


  • Ensure fixed LPG installations, alterations or maintenance is carried out by a licensed or authorised gasfitter.
  • Keep LPG appliances and fittings in first class condition, checking regularly for deterioration in performance, signs of corrosion and minor leaks.
  • Use equipment and parts specifically manufactured and approved for LPG. Look for the endorsement badge on every appliance.
  • With any LPG appliance or burner that fails to ignite immediately, turn off the gas supply and ventilate for at least three minutes to allow any gas to disperse before attempting to reignite.
  • Ensure there is adequate ventilation when using LPG appliances to allow fresh air for consumption and removal of burnt gases.


  • Tamper with the safety valve or other cylinder fittings.
  • Use undue force to open or close the main cylinder valve. If in doubt, consult a licensed gasfitter