Basic safety rules for scaffolding

Supplier: Oldfields Advance Scaffold
24 October, 2011

Basic scaffold safety instructions.

  • Hang and store the Safety Instructions in the area of the Scaffold at a visible place for the user.
  • Always read these Safety Instructions of the Scaffold accurately before assembling the Scaffold and follow these Safety Instructions.
  • In case of questions on the safe functioning of the Scaffold, immediately contact the responsible parties or company concerned.
  • Only authorized approved persons are allowed to assemble the Scaffold. Only experienced persons may make use of the Scaffold.
  • It is restricted for unauthorized personnel to be in the area of the Scaffold. It is restricted for unauthorized personnel to make use of the Scaffold.
  • Always compile the Scaffold as indicated by the manufacturer. Never deviate or improvise while compiling the scaffold. Only use original delivered components to construct the Scaffold.
  • Always take preventive precautions so unauthorized persons or children cannot climb onto the Scaffold when used or not used.
  • Always take preventive measures so falling objects such as building refuse, materials, tools cannot damage or cause danger to persons. Fit toe boards at all times.
  • Always inform the direct Authorities when placing the Scaffold.
  • Always ensure there is safe working area for the Scaffold.
  • Never use the Scaffold for purposes, which it is not meant for.
  • Never use the Scaffold if it is unstable. When the scaffold is built on soft ground, measures must be taken against sinking.
  • Workers must not ride on scaffold when the scaffold is being moved. At no time can a ladder be used on the deck of a scaffold to gain additional height – neither step nor extension ladder.
  • Hoisting machines may not be attached or used on the scaffold, unless this is explicitly indicated.
  • Always ensure the Scaffold is guyed to building or structure if the height exceeds 3 times its minim base dimension or if any other circumstance is required for stability, or others stipulated by the producer.
  • Never use the Scaffold unless the original guardrails are fitted.
  • During activities on the Scaffold always wear correct personal protective equipment.
  • Take good care of the scaffold & keep it clean. Always inspect the Scaffold and all applications before use for any damages, if damaged do not use the Scaffold, do not take any risks, if in doubt always contact the responsible parties concerned.
  • Ensure that there is no building refuse falling or collecting on the Scaffold. Immediately clean the refuse.
  • When climbing onto or descending the Scaffold only the delivered material for this activity must be used. Never improvise or deviate using other materials or methods. Always climb the scaffold from the inner side of the scaffold.
  • Do not use the Scaffold in unsafe conditions such as extreme weather conditions. Unattended scaffolds must be secured so they are resistant against wind strength greater than 6 beaufort.
  • Never modify the Scaffold or its components in any way.
  • Never exceed a maximum weight of 225kg on the scaffold.
  • Never exceed safe maximum top working height and safe maximum length.
  • Before starting the activities the users of the Scaffold must possess all the knowledge on the safe functioning of the Scaffold.
  • Before usage of the Scaffold check all the applications function, in case of doubt never take risks and always contact an expert.
  • Always check the Scaffold for obstacles prior to use, do not take any risks and remove the obstacles or let them be removed.
  • Make sure, that there is always proper overview and that there are no visual obstructions during the use of the Scaffold.
  • Make sure there is proper lighting when activities are conducted with the Scaffold.
  • The use of the Scaffold, must always occur with complete consciousness
  • In case of abnormal symptoms occurring during use of the Scaffold, for example unstable situation, leave the Scaffold cautiously and contact an expert.
  • An authorized expert must always conduct repair activities on the Scaffold.
  • With the replacement of components of the Scaffold only original components may be used.
  • For cleaning of the Scaffold always use the prescribed cleaning liquid and material.
  • Report any unsafe conditions of the Scaffold to the responsible persons or the supplier.

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