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Batch Weighers | Process Weighers

Supplier: Active Weighing Solutions

Process Weighers, also known as continuous Batch Weighers come closest of all dynamic weighing equipment to static weighing. These industrial weighing systems provide the most accurate and easy to calibrate dynamic weighing system.

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Active Weighing Solutions offers a range of Not-For-Trade and For-Trade Process Weigher / Batch Weigher models to suit specific applications. Product flow rates of up to 2,000tph can be accommodated and accuracies .± 0.25% or better.

Installed into a process line, the Process Weigher / Batch Weigher can be set to either:

  •     Monitor flow rate
  •     Control product flow rate
  •     Batch out a pre-determined amount of product


Process Weigher / Batch Weigher operational cycle:

  • Product is accepted from an appropriate feed device into a weigh hopper through a Feed Gate
  • The Feed Gate closes while the product is weighed
  • Once weighed, the product discharged from the hopper to flow into the continuous stream
  • The cycle is repeated

Accuracy / Flowrates

  • Expect accuracy ± 0.25% or better
  • Flow rates up to 2,000tph.


The Process Weigher comes standard with a mild steel housing and contact parts.

Optional construction

  •     Stainless steel contact parts
  •     Fully Stainless Steel

Standard Features:

  •     Single Position Radial Catch Gate
  •     Full Strain Gauge Load Cell Design
  •     Pneumatic operation
  •     Compact Design
  •     A totally enclosed (dust tight / hygienic) product stream
  •     Integral aspiration ensuring quick stabilisation and balancing of pressure above and below the weigher
  •     Automatic residue clean out – product is not left in the weigher
  •     Material totalising
  •     Instantaneous flow rate measurement or control
  •     Low maintenance
  •     Easy calibration


  •     Hazardous Area design accommodation
  •     Automatic Calibration Weights
  •     Two position Catch Gate
  •     Feed Bin
  •     Discharge Chute
  •     Support Structure
  •     Screw Feeder
  •     Belt Feeder
  •     Vibratory Feeder


Integrated with an EMC 2065 weigh batcher controller, a Not-For-Trade Process Weigher / Batch Weigher will provide:

  •     Instantaneous flow rate
  •     Totalised material throughput
  •     RS232, RS422/485 Communications
  •     Pulse Output

An optional Analogue Output can be incorporated to:

  •     Control other equipment
  •     Provide a reference signal to control the addition of one or more additional products
  •     Ratio control additional products.


Integrated with an AD-4401 digital indicator, the IPW800A model gives two lines of display showing the hopper weight and the totalised throughput.

An optional analogue output card will drive an external flow rate indictor.

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