Bathtub safety revitalised for Adelaide Hilton

Supplier: Floorsafe International
05 March, 2012

Floorsafe International developed and manufactured a unique anti-slip product Bath and Shower Safe in 1982.

Its ability to perform anti-slip effectiveness was tested and proven in 1983 by the Adelaide Hilton hotel.

Twenty-eight-years later the hotel wants to maintain its safety record and the treatment is now being reapplied to 397 enamel and porcelain bathtubs.

Extreme testing was undertaken back in 1982 because at that time showers had to be taken by standing inside the enamel/porcelain bathtub. 

The biggest problem and concern was the likelihood that the surface would remain slippery once the soapy hair shampoo liquid entered under the persons feet.

After management testing it was found that the Floorsafe Bath and Shower Safe gave complete anti-slip effectiveness even under soapy and wet conditions.

Time has proven that Floorsafe Bath and Shower Safe is a quality Australian made product and should be serious considered to be used by all hotel, motel, hospitality and all healthcare management.

Other benefits that the treatment offers are no special pre-cleaning is required, no closing off rooms because the treatment takes less than 5 minutes to complete, the surface appearance remain unchanged to the naked eye and therefore on-going cleaning is carried out in the normal way.   

Floorsafe International manufactures their DIY anti-slip treatments at their head office in Adelaide and distribute quality safety products such as stair treads, anti-slip self- adhesive tapes and mats, reflective tapes, floor marking tapes, tactile indicators and cable covers to all parts of Australia and New Zealand. 

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