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BC land title office gets anti slip safety overhaul

Supplier: Global Safe Technologies By: Tibor Bode
11 June, 2013

BC Land Title and Survey is helping to deliver reliable land title and survey systems that are essential to BC's economic and social foundation.

The City of New Westminster office management identified a safety issue with their external tiled ramp and stairs.

The facilities manager contacted Anti Slip Anywhere a leading North American one stop surface safety solution provider, for expert advice and a solution proposal to reduce the risk of slip and falls.

Anti-Slip ANywhere has proposed using the Safe Tile product to rejuvenate the tiled surface and as a long lasting, sustainable and environmentally friendly anti slip solution, installation of the Safe Grip Ultimate anti slip stair nosing on the stairs and anti slip strips installation onto the ramps.

The Safe Grip Ultimate product will provide a sustainable Very high Coefficient of Friction / Pendulum Class V slip resistance, it is a non dangerous goods product and cures quickly. Another important consideration was the improvement not only the safety but also the aesthetical appearance of the tiled stairs and ramp. These products have been quite extensively used in British Columbia as well as several other parts of the world. 

The work had to be carried out over a weekend to ensure that there will be no disruption to the Land Title Office and other business.

Anti-Slip Anywhere has assembled an experienced team of installers and have completed the entire project within the agreed time frame, including allowance for curing.

Land Title management and people from other offices were amazed with the surface transformation as well as the increased slip resistance and several very positive feedbacks were received by the company’s safety representative. 

The Safe Grip Ultimate has lots of advantages over several competitive products, including the very fast curing time which is vitally important in situations where there is a serious time constraint. Also the product is applied only as a single layer solution, making it more cost effective by being less labour intensive and eliminating the "waiting to cure" time between coats.

This is in addition to the product being long lasting and providing a very high sustainable slip resistance, choice of colours and environmentally friendliness.

Global Safe is offering a unique, sustainable and mainly environmentally friendly remedial and disability solution range for virtually any surfaces and situations. The solutions provided by the company are also being used at thousands of situations throughout various parts of the world via the Global Safety Surfaces Network members.