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Be prepared: how to protect your brand from fraud

Supplier: B-Sealed By: Hannah Rogers
05 June, 2012

A new authentication and brand protection system which could see the end to more traditional methods of illegal copying prevention, has been created by security specialists B-Sealed .

BubbleSeal is an innovative design which eliminates the threat of replicas by using "bubble constellations" made from a polymer substance and created by self-generation.

This means these randomly created fingerprints are impossible to reproduce, even by the manufacturer. BubbleSeal offers brand protection through online serial number checks which help in securing product authenticity.

As Ming Koh, Product Development and Marketing at B-Sealed explained: "BubbleSeal, paired with a database, either in-house or hosted, easily allows a whole batch of BubbleSeals to be revoked and disassociated from the company, protecting its brand and integrity."

Therefore, if a product does fall victim to theft, it can be easily cut by association to brands with the database easily accessible by computer or hand-held device.

With the BubbleSeal launch of ArtTrust for authenticating digital prints and artwork and ViniTag for wineries, B-Sealed is currently working on a range of products including high value arts and prints, it has also been used on some brands of wine in France.

Presently BubbleSeal is ideal for low production volumes or manual application, however B-Sealed are working towards pushing the BubbleSeal technology out into mass-production systems which will include both the application and registration system to be built into some production processes.

In conjunction with this, B-Sealed are developing both hardware and software which can be integrated easily into current manufacturer production lines.

Bubbleseal has been a huge hit with the art industry who frequently face the threat of unauthorised reprints of their photographs. The "bubble constellations" are processed onto a destructible foil which make tampering obvious after just a single use. Furthermore, authentication is a comparison by eye which can be accessed by anyone, even without specialist equipment.

Although serial numbers and holographic stickers are still widely used as security and brand protection, they are becoming harder to protect and more susceptible to illegal replicas.

BubbleSeal is not only overtaking competitors using old technologies such as holograms and UV paper in the theft proof stakes but also in regards to cost too.

"Most of these security methods involve specialised equipment, labs, or trained personnel to authenticate them," Ming said.

"We’re proud to announce that BubbleSeal can be authenticated by eye, by anyone.

"We’ll continue to find new industries for BubbleSeal to be applied to, at the same time expanding our range of compatible equipment."

These milestones are key in moving this technology from small scale lines to worldwide larger production.