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Bearing Maintenance Tools

Supplier: NSK Australia

NSK is a global leader in bearing manufacturing and related technologies. Our offering of maintenance tools is an extension of our position as an authority in maintenance reliability. Using the proper maintenance tools for bearing instrallation and removal ensures long reliable machine life, ease of tear down and quick turnaround time.

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NSK's family of maintenance tools consists of:

  • Pullers, Pushers and Tri-section press paltes
    • Pullers, pushers and tri-section press plates are used to easily and quickly install and remove bearings, rings, pulleys and gears from shafts while minimizing damage of the bearing shaft and bodily harm that may occur during the removal process.
  • Hydraulic nuts
    • A hydraulic nut utilizes fluid power to mount and dismount tapered bore bearings. NSK's hydraulic nuts are manufactured with a pateneted axial displacement measuring system making them easier and quicker to use compared to conventional nuts.
  • Hydraulic pumps
    • NSK hydraulic pumps are used in conjunction with hydraulic nuts and pullers to mount and dismount tapered bore bearings. They can also be used by themselves for oil-assisted bearing removal.
  • Spanner wrenches
    • Spanner wrenches are used in the hand mounting and removal of tapered bore bearings.
  • Bearing heaters
    • NSK's versatile bearing induction heaters are used to quickly and easily install straight (parallel) bore bearings onto shafts.

Purchase of any of NSK's maintenance tools can be made through an authorized NSK distributor. A program for the hire only of hydraulic nuts is also available.