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Supplier: MSA Australia By: DAREK CHRABOWSKI
01 June, 2012

MSA's mission is: "That men and women may work in safety and that they, their families and their communities may live in health throughout the world".

Since 1914, MSA has been committed to provide high quality personal protective equipment to workers, serving markets throughout the world.

MSA serves a wide variety of markets with a unique range of high performance helmets:

  • Fire and Rescue helmets: with the unique Gallet products (F1 and F2 ranges), MSA protects firefighters in more than 80 countries worldwide.
  • Law enforcement and ballistic helmets: supplying head protection solutions to Police and Military troops around the globe
  • Helicopter and jet pilot helmets

For Industrial head protection, MSA has been a strong market leader in North America for years, and has manufactured over 80 millions hard hats since the introduction of the first product in 1964.

Head protection is required, in almost every industry, where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects, restricted headroom, or indeed there is a risk of falling when working at height. In many workplaces head protection is mandatory and is the main piece of personal protective equipment worn by millions of people every day.


MSA has a solution for each application.

Because the risks are not the same for each task, the correct selection of safety helmet is important to ensure the security of the workers.

Each helmet provides a different level of protection and comfort depending on the conditions to which the wearer is exposed:

  • Prolonged or occasional use
  • Static workplace or does wearer move around
  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • Exposure to falling objects
  • High temperatures
  • Liquid splashes
  • Exposure to electrical risks
  • Working at height
  • Confined spaces or low ceilings

A risk analysis of the workplace and tasks is needed to make sure that the correct equipment is selected and worn.

Providing the proper level of protection and optimal comfort will enable the wearer to focus on the task rather than on equipment, increase efficiency and reduce even more the risks of accident and injury.


A wide range of solutions

Your head is your most valuable asset and deserves the best protection.

MSA's range of products offers a combination of style, comfort and features that will match the needs of industrial users.

MSA helmets will protect the wearers from potential hazards evaluated during the risk assessment process, in combination with the following accessories and options:

  • Helmet mounted hearing protection, with the left/RIGHT™ unique range
  • Eye and Face protection with a large selection of visors and frames
  • Neck curtains and Sun brims to reduce the unprotected part of the body, protect from debris, the sun or even the rain
  • Chinstrap for users with a risk of losing their helmet while working
  • Winter liner for extreme temperature conditions
  • High visibility reflective tapes for enhanced visibility (indoor, outdoor or underground)

MSA offers the possibility to personalise industrial helmets with a specific logo, either as branding to promote your company or identify specific roles such as first aiders.


Regular inspections of your protection for your head are vital. Any evidence of cracks, large chips or impact could compromise the integrity of the shell, and the helmet must be removed from service immediately. Helmets should be replaced every 3 years. Along with a shell inspection, it is vitally important to inspect the suspension for any damage.

Suspension damage can occur from many various sources however, most commonly improper storage is a main contributor, suspensions should be replaced every 2 years. Accessories should be inspected for any wear and tear.

V-Gard range

V-Gard – the original, the most popular widely used industrial helmet worldwide.

The V-Gard has been awarded a Good Design Australia Mark in recognition of Industrial Protective Headwear. An extended peak provides greater visibility and extra protection from sun and rain.

The peak underside of V-Gard is lined with MSA's patented Glaregard textured surface, a feature that significantly reduces glare, helping to reduce eye strain caused by reflected light.

V-Gard 200 – the most stylish, yet functional option

The style and comfort of the V-Gard 200 is achieved with a fully integrated 6 point suspension system. When we say this is one of the coolest hard hats available we mean it. The venting in the cap provides superior air flow for improved wearer comfort over longer periods.

V-Gard 500 – fully featured for unparalleled protection

The V-Gard 500 has genuine integrated 6 point suspension system. Lightweight design provides comfort over long periods. This style offers better ear muff fit and rain protection. Glaregard textured surface under the peak reduces eye strain from glare. Venting in the top of the cap promotes air flow and gives a cooling effect for the wearer.

MSA V-Gard series helmets are stylish products with a very high comfort and performance level, providing reliable protection against various hazards in all working environments.

With decades of experience in head protection, both for industrial workers and other professionals such as fire-fighters, policeman, soldiers and jet pilots, you can be sure that you are wearing the very best, because your head deserves the very best.