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Bedding Furniture - Furniture and Bedding

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Bedding Furniture - Furniture and Bedding, Applied Polymers for Furniture & Bedding

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Bedding Furniture - Furniture and Bedding

This sector refers to low density flexible foam made as slabstock either by continuous or discontinuous (batch-block or box-foam) production. Having been made in a block - say 2.5 m * 1.5 m * 1.5 m in a discontinuous box process or as a continuous slab several hundred metres long - 1.5 m wide and 1.5 m high in the continuous process, the foam is cut to the desired thickness and dimensions on proprietary foam cutting equipment. It is also common for such equipment to be able to cut contoured shapes from the foam block. Where the foam is required in a thin sheet say 3mm thick - it is generally moulded as a round block, rather than with a square cross-section, and the foam is peeled into foam sheet working from the outer circumference of the round block - in.
Most of this foam is used for mattresses - either as a fully foam product or in the form of foam sheet wrapped around a spring structure.
The other major application is in cushions for domestic furniture, where the selection of the correct foam density determines the comfort level and durability of the furniture.
The are many other varied applications for low density flexible foam - thin sheet is laminated to fabric to provide a warm layer to clothing. There is also a considerable market in the automotive sector included here where thin foam sheet is laminated to fabric or leather for interior trim applications - seat covers, door panel, headliner and other panel covers.
There are applications in household items such as scouring pads and in clothing in shoulder pads when fashion dictates. There is also a market in acoustic products to sound-proof rooms - in cars the foam sound insulation is generally moulded these days but there is still a certain amount of die-cut foam sheet used in automotive acoustic packages.

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