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Before and after with Lubemaster

Supplier: Clean Oil Services By: Robyn Smith
21 April, 2010

Lubemaster will put you in control of contamination, allowing you to remove the water and contaminants to sub-micron levels, whilst machinery continues to operate, without the need to replace costly elements.

Don't change oil again...Sounds too good to be true?

Proper maintenance of your oil with the Lubemaster oil cleaning system will eliminate the need for changing oil in most lubricated systems except engines. Engines generate their own unique contaminants which need to be removed constantly, so we fit the centrifuge directly to the engine; oil changes are decreased by 4 to 5 times normal and in some engines indefinitely. Performance is confirmed only by laboratory results.

Fullers Earth Elements

An optional attachment is the Fullers Earth elements which will remove the acids and spent additives which have built up in the oil over prolonged periods of time (usually years of use) by absorbing them and completely removing them from the oil.

Fullers earth elements are replaceable and will scrub the oil back to new specs. If additives are spent we will spike them back to new by adding a new package and revamping the oil back to new specs - all under controlled laboratory conditions. This unit is designed to accommodate the full flow of the Lubemaster at 90 lpm throughout the full range of oils.

Let the Lubemaster transform your oil.

Dirty oil to clean oil - without shutting down ...

205 litres of turbine oil (see samples before and after treatment) was run for 7 hours through Lubemaster's centrifuge/vacuum dehydrator with the optional Fullers Earth attachment.* Water was reduced to 25ppm, particulates to below NAS 4 and TAN reduced from 1.6 mgKOH/gm to 0.06 mgKOH/gm. Colour, air release and the oxidation stability (RBOT) all returned within specifications.

*NB: The optional Fullers Earth attachment does require replacement elements.