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Benefits and Features of Compuload

Supplier: Atlas Weighing
21 November, 2007

The following are some of the many benefits and Features of Compuload.

1. VERSATILITY Compuload can be fitted to all types of machines and then programmed to suit your individual requirements.

2. LATEST TECHNOLOGY Compuload introduces the most up-to-date onboard weighing technology. The Software and Electronics are continually upgraded to keep pace with both operators needs and technological progress.

3. INTELLIGENT How does it work? The latest Compuload 3000 and 4000 seriesindicators combine precision individual weight readings together with weight totals and data storage in the one instrument. This information may be displayed at any time. A selection of operating modes allows the instrument to be configured to suit the characteristics of the loader. The electronic lift speed compensating sensor allows fast accurate weighing as the load is lifted.

The technology may be advanced but the system is simple to operate. It is designed to make the drivers job easier, safer and more productive Operating principle has been maintained throughout the continual upgrades.

5. EASY TO READ Whatever the conditions on site, rain, hail or shine, the illuminated backlit high visibility display is easy to see. Large keypads and easy to follow display messages make it easy to read and operate.

6. FEATURES AND OPTIONS Stored data such as "Customer", "Product" and "Truck" can be viewed on the display, printed out through the optional on board printer, or downloaded to a computer with date and time, total by product or total

7. RUGGED AND RELIABLE Great care has been taken in the design to ensure reliability over a wide range of conditions. The Compuload is made for the job and when the going gets tough, you can always count on Compuload.

8. A PROUD AUSTRALIAN WITH QUALITY CONTROL The Compuload is manufactured in Australia under ISO 9001 quality endorsed conditions, ensuring strict quality control over all facets of assembly.

9. THE PRICE IS RIGHT Compare prices, compare features — Compuload will always come out on top."It pays for itself in a very short time" is a common customer reaction. Brochures with detailed technical specifications and warranty are available on request. Help is always at hand. We believe that good service brings its own rewards.