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Benefits of renting equipment

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific Rentals
23 July, 2013

Our rentals fleet offers you a range of equipment for hire not currently offered anywhere else in Australia.

  • Competitive prices
  • No charge for weekends
  • Free next morning returns
  • Friendly and informative service and advice
  • Free in-house training
  • Common consumables (for rentalequipment) provided free of charge
  • Our rental equipment comes withbasic replacement filters and batteries, etc where applicable

No equipment to clean or maintain equals lower TCO.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of equipment can be much higher than the initial purchase cost. Calibrating, cleaning and maintaining equipment can be very time consuming. Add to that the costs of calibration equipment and supplies, renting offers you a more effective and economical option. All equipment is cleaned, checked, charged and calibrated for you every time.

Eliminate the need to carry in-house spares and expertise for repairing your own equipment.

Repairing equipment and keeping spares in stock also add to the total cost of ownership of equipment. Furthermore, as most of the equipment is fairly high-tech, some in- house expertise needs to be developed to perform minor repairs and even to keep them operational. Renting eliminates these additional hassles and costs.

Capital expenditure savings

By far the greatest benefit of renting is the savings on capital expenditure. Both large and small organisations are constantly faced with the problem of having to invest thousands of dollars in capital equipment which can only be partly offset against income. Renting equipment, on the other hand, frees up your cash flow for more important activities. All rental expenditures can be completely offset against income (but always check the details with your accountant).

Pay only when used

Another issue of concern with owning equipment is the cost of your equipment sitting idle in the warehouse or office - not earning money. With rental equipment, you only pay when you use it. What’s more, renting offers you an easy way to manage and account for costs, as all rental expenses are related directly

Upgrade to newer models

In the constantly changing environmental industry, monitoring, sampling and remediation equipment age quickly. Whilst keeping up with the latest technology is vital to stay ahead, it can also be expensive. As Thermo Fisher Scientific rentals uses the latest and best equipment on the market, you can now do this effectively and economically.

Try before you buy

The 'Rent to Buy' (R2B) Program enables you to rent a product from us and then convert this rental into a purchase! The list purchase price will be reduced by 50% of the rental paid (for the most recent rental), up to the equivalent of one month’s rental. The unit purchased will be a new item. There are other details so you should check the Terms and Conditions on our website and/or also talk to your local Thermo Fisher Scientific Sales Representative to learn more.

Be able to meet sudden demands

When you least expect it, work opportunities can arise. Renting offers flexibility to meet your equipment needs fast.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is only a phone call away to help you with your rentals and resource requirements so contact us and experience the difference of ThermoFisher Scientific Rentals today.