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Benson provides machines to suit all grinding needs

Supplier: Benson Machines
04 February, 2010

In 1908, Norman N Benson began building an enviable reputation. His quest involved searching the world for the best machines with the latest technology.

He ended up introducing this technology to the precision manufacturers in Australia. Throughout its lifespan, the company has been inspired by this quote from the Harvard Business School Press in 1989:

"Machine tools are the 'mother' machines that make all machines. Every manufactured product is either made by a machine tool or by a machine that was made by a machine tool. Thus, at the heart of the industrial health of any nation is its machine tool industry."

Bensons Machines' suppliers are specialists and experts with their particular machines. Often, however, ideas from one manufacturing process can be applied to another.

This is where Benson Machines' team, which is exposed to a wide range of manufacturing industries, use their experience. This makes for a successful formula – the best technology from around the world, combined with Benson Machines for assistance and service.

When it comes to delivering a machine that suits a company's needs, Benson Machines initially conducts a thorough investigation of the organisations' requirements.

This involves collecting information about the company's planned process, including any apparent problems.

The next step involves selecting the appropriate equipment and processes needed for improved productivity.

All available solutions are suggested to help the client make informed selections that are critical to the company's financial success.

Benson Machines also sources the most appropriate technology from around the world to meet people's budgets so that it can supply new and used machines tools throughout Australia.

Its connections can turn your vision into a reality with convenient avenues to meet your particular requirements, such as providing financial packages.

In addition to this, Benson Machines provides training in all aspects of machine usage because they believe that proficiency leads to increased productivity and operator safety.

As for breakdowns, these can be reduced thanks to the preventative maintenance contracts that clients are provided with, which help to extend machine tool life and reliability.

If you need support anytime, phone assistance is provided to ensure less down time and increased profits for companies.

Whenever you need spare parts for any machine, Benson Machines can supply them to maximise the product life of each machine. Plus you can make use of its breakdown repair service for all machine tools so that you can get productive again as soon as possible.

If you have a grinder that needs to be reconditioned for operational improvement, the company will turn your worn grinders into production machines again.

One example of a machine that the company provides is the Expanded Length Capacity Centreless Grinder.

This heavy duty wide wheel machine (750mm) is designed to grind long shafts by the infeed method.

The machine features a grinding wheelhead slide along with the conventional regulating wheel slide, to keep the part at the same height above the centre when dressing both the grinding and regulating wheels.

This unique design permits the material handling to be permanently mounted in one position for extra rigidity.

In order to supply Benson Machines, the company's suppliers must have the following:

  • A proven record for making quality machines, incorporating the latest in design and technology, as well as providing prompt and efficient service.
  • A strong commitment to the future by investing heavily in research and development.
  • A competitive pricing policy. It is not the company's aim to always supply machines with the lowest initial investment.