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Benz Tuck - Actros 32XX 8x4 Rigid Series

Supplier: Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Benz Tuck - Actros 32XX 8x4 Rigid Series, You can choose from four output classes of the Mercedes-Benz 500-series V6 engine, ranging from 265kW (360hp) to 350kW (476hp).

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Benz Tuck - Actros 32XX 8x4 Rigid Series

Powerful engines give you more pull.
There are three versions of the V8 ranging from 375kW (510hp) to 440kW (598hp). Depending on which configuration you choose, the new Actros delivers up to 10% more power and up to 8.1% greater torque. In addition to gains in power, Actros engines are now more durable than ever. Modifications to the engines have eased thermal load on the pistons. Higher strength inlet valves and seat rings allow the valve setting intervals to be extended. The crankcase breather features an improved oil separator, and the compact alternator and starter motor have both been designed for a longer service life.

Actros 32XX 8x4 Rigid Series

ENGINE Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA. 11.9 litre V6 turbocharged with intercooling. Active Engine Brake. ADR 80/02, Euro 4
3241 300 kW (408 hp), 1800 rpm, 2000 Nm (1475 lb.ft), 1080 rpm
3244 320 kW (435 hp), 1800 rpm, 2100 Nm (1550 lb.ft), 1080 rpm
3248 350 kW (476 hp), 1800 rpm, 2300 Nm (1696 lb.ft), 1080 rpm
CAB All steel safety M (medium) cab
Air conditioning
Tinted glass
Exterior transparent sun-visor
Compressed air gun in cab
Rear cab windows
Rain sensor and automatic driving lights
Finished in white
Cruise control
Electric windows and mirrors
Adjustable steering wheel
CD radio with Bluetooth
Driver side airbag and seat belt pre-tensioner
CLUTCH 3244/48 - Dual dry plate 2 x 400 mm diameter.
3241 - Single dry plate 430 mm diameter.
TRANSMISSION Mercedes-Benz PowerShift 2 G 330 - 12 / 11.63 - 0.77
12 speed contstant-mesh automated mechanical transmission
ELECTRICAL 3244/48 - 28 volt, 100 Amp Alternator, 2 x 12 volt 165 Ah batteries. Automatic fuses
3241 - 28 volt, 80 Amp Alternator, 2 x 12 volt 165 Ah batteries. Automatic fuses