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Better Wetter - Powder or Liquid

Supplier: Reynolds Soil Technologies

Super soil wetter, rewetter and chemical spreader.Soil wetting agents are designed to overcome water repellence in soils.

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Better Wetter - Powder or Liquid

Super Soil Wetter, Rewetter And Chemical Spreader

What Do Soil Wetters Do?

Soil wetting agents are designed to overcome water repellence in soils. Sandy soils, soils in high organic matter and potting mixes are the most likely to become hydrophobic.

When these types of soils are watered with a hose, the water simply runs off and is not absorbed.

This can be a trap for people who think they have watered their plants/crops well when in fact the water has simply rolled to the sides without wetting the soil at all. So seemingly 'well-watered' plants/crops can often be seriously drought stressed.


Better Wetter is a 'Super Wetter' which helps to overcome the effects of waxy organic coatings on the surface of the soil and the surface of organic matter so allowing the water to penetrate and be absorbed.

How Does Better Wetter Work?

Better Wetter works by making water wetter!

Better Wetter reduces the surface tension of the water and allows it to wet the waxy surface of the soil particles allowing water to move into the soil through the pores.

Soils vary greatly from place to place which gives them quite different wetting qualities. To address this situation RST has added Wetting Agents into the Better Wetter formula to ensure maximum wetting results are always achieved.

Better Wetter incorporates 'Instant Wetters' which allows water to initially penetrate into the soil easily as well as 'Re-Wetters' which allow the soil to continue to absorb water after treatment

Better Wetter will continue to work for a considerable period, but will eventually be degraded by soil micro-organisms. Depending on the dosage rate used Better Wetter will continue to work in the soil between 3 – 12 weeks before a reapplication is required. RST will advise on reapplication times.

How Long Will Better Wetter Remain Active In The Soil?

For soil wetting agents to work effectively they cannot be too readily biodegradable or their effectiveness will be very transitory. Ordinary washing up detergent for example will promote water penetration in soil but the effect would only last a few days.


Better Wetter is added to water that is being used to water and irrigate plants, crops, turf, lawn and crops as well as to improve application effectiveness of other chemicals.


  • Reduce water usage
  • Improve Water Penetration
  • Improved Water Absorption
  • Reduced Plant/Crop Stress
  • Improved Chemical Spreading

Can Better Wetter Be Used With Other Chemicals?

Better Wetter is also used to allow various products such as herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers to spread out over the leaf blade of plants and be more readily absorbed by the leaf tissue. The term for this Better Wetter application is as a 'Spreader'.

'Spreaders' are designed to work quickly but do no last long. Hence lesser dosage rates of Better Wetter  are required for this application.


All RST products are environmentally safe and user friendly. For further detailed information on a specific product or application please contact RST Head Office

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