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Betti NB/80/BR - Granular & Powdery Products Packaging Machine

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The Betti NB 80 BR is a machine for packing granular and powdery products in boxes and bottles made of plastic, glass, etc. with pressure or screw cap.

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The containers can be of different shape and size and be sealed with either pressure or screw caps.


The operator loads the containers onto the inlet magazine; from there they are conveyed to the infeed point.

A circuit of holders takes one bottle for each element and conveys these to the filling station.

A cylinder type volumetric doser, or else a set of scales, pre-determines and unloads the desired quantity of product.

Filling is done from small moving hoppers specially designed for the size being worked. Filling controls are performed and any packs that are outside tolerance limits are ejected.

Capping is preceded by the alignment of the caps. This is done by vibrating aligners or, alternatively, rotating aligners. A circuit consisting of various capping units automatically fits the caps on the containers by means of a cam-operated mechanism.

Once sealed and tested, the containers are taken to the outfeed conveyor and then to any labelling machine fitted.

The machine is controlled by a PLC and all the cyclic functions are controlled by specific electronic units with automatic size changeover.

Suitable Applications:

For filling and sealing containers made of plastic, metal, glass, etc., with granular and powdered products, herbs, etc.

Packaging Material:

Various different sizes and shapes of containers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Production: up to 80 cans/pots per min
  • Power: 4.2Kw
  • Weight: 1880Kg

Added Features or Options:

  • An automatic aligner made specifically for the type of container or bottle can be fitted at infeed to make loading easier and faster.
  • Filling can be done using cylinder type volumetric dosers, screw feed dosers or multi-head electronic weighers, or other types of weighers, depending on the type of product to be packed.
  • An electronic weight control device can be set up at the filling station in order to check all the containers and automatically correct product dosage if this tends to be wrong.
  • Instead of pressure capping, screw-capping units can be fitted. Different types of capping units can be fitted on the same machine.
  • Size groups of different dimensions and shapes can be fitted and changed very quickly including by non-skilled personnel.
  • The structure and position of the various parts making up the machine can vary according to customer's space availability.

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