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Beware of imitations

Supplier: Thomas & Betts
06 June, 2012

Stanilite's Quickfit exit range has been expanded to include the latest LED offering which, thanks to the elegant simplicity of its mounting, is easily installed into existing Quickfit brackets.

The release of the PQFLED provides a timely reminder that, whilst imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, there's nothing quite like the real thing. Whilst rarely called into use, emergency and evacuation lighting is a like the lifeboat on a ship - when the chips are down you'll be hoping you've got the best available because your life may depend upon it. Efficient design, emergency classification and an unsurpassed reputation for reliability are Stanilite hallmarks.

Replacing original Stanilite exit or emergency lighting fixtures with lookalike products may result in the building ceasing to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia or Australian Standard AS2293. A great deal of expertise is applied to selection and placement of emergency and exit fixtures to ensure that buildings comply. Occupational health and safety legislation requires buildings to be safe environments for occupants, with stringent penalties for non-compliance.

The placement and quantity of emergency and exit fittings required in a building is determined by the fittings emergency classification; copy-cat products may not have the same classification as the Stanilite fitting currently installed, indeed there are products being offered in the market which have no classification at all.
Replacing a genuine Stanilite Quickfit exit fitting with an inferior copy may compromise the original lighting design, resulting in the building ceasing to comply with the Building Code of Australia and with AS2293. This may in turn result in a breach by the building owner or tenant of their legal obligation to provide a safe environment for occupants.

Installing an exit sign that does not have an emergency classification in the place of a Stanilite Quickfit exit, for example, will require an emergency light to be installed within 2 metres of the sign in order for the building to remain compliant. The cost of the extra fitting, its installation costs, and the associated increase in ongoing maintenance costs will significantly exceed any price difference between the Stanilite original and the copy.

Anyone making a decision to substitute one fitting for another assumes the role of an expert, which brings with it the risk of liability should anyone suffer loss or injury as a consequence of the substitution. This may include the contractor who makes the change, as well as others along the way who have influenced the contractor's decision.