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Big & Small Suits Nepean Engineering

Supplier: NEPEAN
13 December, 2007

NEPEAN Engineering of Narellan in Sydney has recently increased their equipment portfolio in both the ‘small’ and ‘large’ end of the range.

Some companies familiar with NEPEAN Engineering have a misconception that the company specialises in larger projects. This is incorrect as many have discovered already, the company has the capacity and capability of covering the needs of the smaller end of the machining and toolmaking market.

NEPEAN has purchased a new Sodick AQ537 EDM wire cutter to complement their existing, larger Sodick AQ750L. Ronnie Quinlivan, who operates both machines said: “This new machine will future proof our technology as it is a state-of-the-art machine with a level of accuracy guaranteed for 10 years.

“Linear drive motors on all axis gives us exceptional surface finish and accuracy. We can also cut angles up to 45 degreesthrough 50mm material using hybrid guides.With fully submerged cutting and automatic wire threading as well as 0.1mm wire options the machine can satisfy a wide range of needs."

“The beauty of auto wire feed is the flexibility it provides, we can run it over night unmanned to increase our productivity and reduce lead times,” said Mr Quinlivan.

The largest work piece size is 1000mm x 600mm x 300mm, which is quite large by most standards and gives the machine good capacity. Since all wire cutters need an entry hole Nepean purchased a new KTC Hole Burner that has hole options from .15mm to 3mm in diameter. For small hole burning up to 20mm in thickness, the machine can go down to 0.3mm in diameter.

To work with the ‘larger’ end of the market Nepean has just installed its second horizontal borer KBN- 135, at Narellan. A third identical machine was purchased for its sister company in Queensland – Nepean Conveyors. “This is a good rigid machine with fantastic reliability,” said Alan Grant, one of the operators of the KBN-135 at NEPEAN.

“It is fully CNC controlled, and has four axis as well as a rotary table so we can offer the ‘big end of town’ high performance and tolerances for large projects, such as those in the mining industry.

“This equipment has a fully automatic tool changer, a right- angled head attachment, a face plate unit attachment with a capacity of up to 800mm diameter plus through spindle coolant for high speed drilling.

“With 3000mm ‘X’, 2000mm ‘Y’ and 1500 mm ‘Z’ travel as well as a quill length ‘W’ of 700mm we can handle quite sizeable and heavy work.” David Fuller, Chairman and CEO Nepean Group said: “We bought our first borer and we were so impressed with its performance as well as its workload – we were running 24 hours a day.

“We had no option but to invest in a second unit to keep up with our delivery performance schedules for our valued clients.

“Our plan is to get on with what we do best and that is always looking towards future development of NEPEAN Engineering as well as the NEPEAN Group.”

For more information contact Greg Winter, Marketing and Sales Manager, NEPEAN Engineering on 02 4646 1511 or email gregw@nepeaneng.com.au