Big Durma Press Brakes

Supplier: Acra Machinery
28 September, 2007

In today’s society bigger definitely seems to be better. We build bigger roads, bigger planes, bigger trains, bigger buildings, bigger everything. To meet with the demands of “bigger” Acra Machinery and Durma can supply bigger press brakes.

The same advanced technology that goes into the design and manufacture of the standard range of Press Brakes goes into the range of custom or purpose designed press brakes.

It’s not uncommon for a particular job to be made 100% more efficient through the use of the correct machinery for the manufacturing process. For instance, instead of making two panels at 6 metres and butt welding, a single piece at 12 metres eliminates an entire process.

Durma can supply custom machines from a simple tandem prepared 6 metre 300 ton with custom material positioning mechanisms right through to the more extreme capacities such as a pair of 8 metre by 2000 ton press brakes with tapering front gauges and 1000 mm high tooling for making light poles.

These are not out of the ordinary for Durma who supply the world’s most popular press brakes day in, day out. Larger machines are available up to truly amazing lengths and capacity with 16 metres and 4000 ton not unheard of.

The engineering and manufacturing techniques that goes into the extreme duty press brakes needs to be of the highest level and Durma certainly provides this. All structural steel is certified which is something our lesser competitors can never claim. Every piece of steel is sand blasted prior to flame cutting to improve cutting quality and surface finish.

Submerged Arc and Robot welding is employed to provide the most consistent welding process possible and the most robust frames. After welding the components are stress-relieved to minimise stresses in the frame before machining.

The very latest Okuma bed mills are utilised for the machining of the bodies, with a capacity up to 20 metres in length. Once the fabricated frame is fixed to the bed of the mill, the entire machining process is completed in a single setup to eliminate any inaccuracies between cuts; resulting in precise surfaces and mounting locations.

The large machines are assembled in a separate area to the ‘regular sized’ machines to allow Durma to perform testing of the machines according to the application required. For instance, a machine specified for bending Light poles requires an vast amount of space for testing.

Also, machines such as these need to be disassembled prior to transport as often machines weigh are in the 100’s of tonnes. So whether it’s a standard 3 metre, 120 ton press brake, a 6 metre, 600 ton press brake or a monster pair of 8 metre, 2000 ton press brakes, Durma and Acra continue to supply your solutions. Today, Tomorrow, Forever.
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