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Bin Tippers | Mega Dumper 660

Supplier: Optimum Handling Solutions

MegaDumper 660 bin-tippers are the heaviest-duty models in Optimum's comprehensive range of bin-tipping machines. Although similar in appearance and operation to the ‘Wide Series’ Dumpmasters, all components are up-rated to cater for bins weighing up to 750kg.

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Optimum MegaDumper 660 bin-tippers have a unique tipping action whereby bins are lifted straight up, then gently rolled forward around the lip of the skip or hopper being emptied into. Benefits of this design include a small ‘footprint’, and a wide range of tipping heights available (from 700mm to 6 metres or more). Optimum MegaDumpers 660 may be mounted on four castors with no loss of stability.

Features of the Mega Dumper 660 bin-tippers include:

  • MegaDumpers are available with weight capacities of 450, 600, and 750kg
  • The basic componentry is the same for all models, except the lifting ram. The operating speed is generally proportional to the weight capacity – machines with more weight capacity run slower
  • MegaDumpers can be built to any practical tipping height
  • Standard MegaDumpers have a galvanised frame and cradle, and are virtually maintenance-free. MegaDumpers are available either with full stainless steel construction, or with selected components from stainless-steel for critical hygiene areas or corrosive environments
  • Cradles are available to empty either a single size of wheelie bin, or multiple sizes, or many other types of square and rectangular bins. Standard drums and bins do not require clamping – simply place on the cradle and press the ‘Raise’ button
  • MegaDumpers are highly versatile and can be used in numerous applications, ranging from emptying rubbish bins into skips to pouring food ingredients into hoppers or mixers

Options available:

  • Guarding options and accessories:
    • Swing-up door: a swing-up door supported by gas truts may be fitted instead of the standard side-hinged door(s)
    • Panel: all panels including the door can be made from steel sheet or welded wire mesh
  • Electrical options and accessories
    • Power supply: Dumpmasters can be powered by 1-phase, 3-phase, battery, (or even compressed-air for use in hazardous areas)
    • Auto-cycle option: auto-cycle controller is available for mains-powered machines only
    • Door-end controls/2-hand controls: the controls can be mounted at the ‘door end’ of the machine so the operator is well away from the product as it empties
    • Additional controls: additional controls can be fitted on the opposite side to standard, several options are available
  • Other options and accessories
    • Stainless-steel construction: Dumpmasters are available either completely constructed from stainless-steel, or with selected components made from stainless-steel
    • Corrosion-resistant lifting chains: these offer a similar level of corrosion-resistance to stainless steel while retaining the strength of standard chains

Specifications for the Mega Dumper 660:

Tipping Height Width Length Overall Height  
1500 1880 1400 3192 (T+1692mm)
1800 1880 1400 3492 (T+1692mm)
2100 1880 1400 3792 (T+1692mm)