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Bio Silicate Mineral Paint - White

Supplier: Bio Products

Discover BIO SILICATE MINERAL PAINTS as a long lasting solution to the substrates of your home, commercial or historic building. Silicate mineral paints have been developed and used overseas for over 100 years.

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What are silicate mineral paints?

The raw material come directly from the mineral word: the binder is potassium waterglass. In 1768, J.W.v.Goethe described it as "liquor silicum" which emerges if one melts pure quartz sand with an adequate proportion of alkali, whereby a transparent glass is obtained which then melts in connection with oxygen and gives a beautiful clear liquidity.

The pigments are earth minerals and iron oxides; the fillers are marble dust etc. Only a small fraction of the raw material are derived from the living nature. These are used to help regulate the process of production.

After application the paint penetrates and chemically reacts with the mineral substrate onto which it is applied. It becomes part of the surface whereas organic paints merely form a skin on the surface.

The high water vapour permeability of the silicate mineral paint, due to the crystalline nature, ensure that humidity which is present in the masonry can freely pass out from the building structure.

The breathing ability of the building structure is maintained. Also, light rays and thermal rays are reflected and this reduces the thermal stress on the building structure and thereby prevents the substrate from cracking.


Set some silicate rock and some synthetic material out exposed to the weather. After five years, the manmade material has been highly degraded and has released chemicals, some of which are highly toxic, into the environment.

The rock is still there, hardly changed. This is reason enough to use silicate mineral paint on severely weathered surfaces.

Where are silicate mineral paints used?

Silicate mineral paints add colour to exterior and interior walls of a mineral basis. From old baroque or stucco houses to new cinderblock or cement buildings, the mineral facades can be painted with silicate mineral paints.

It allows the building to breathe, eliminating blistering, cracking, or peeling.

BIO Silicate Mineral Paint offers many advantages:

  • long lasting durability
  • economical
  • easy to use
  • non-toxic to the environment
  • contains no solvents except for pure water
  • binds chemically to mineral surfaces
  • extraordinary breathing paint
  • stable colours, even over maby years with excellent light fastness
  • they do not peel
  • they are non-flammable
  • they are fungicidal due to their alkaline nature

The following products are available:

  • BIO Silicate Mineral Paint, the basic silicate paint
  • BIO Silicate Primer; the thinner and primer for BIO Silicate Mineral Paint