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Bio Wall Paint HD Interior - Bio Wall Paint Pigments

Supplier: Bio Products

A matt interior paint based on natural and non toxic ingredients,

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Which compliment the original formulas. The paint has a pleasant smell and is available in a range of harmonious colours.

For use on interior surfaces such as plasterboard, solid plaster, concrete and mud brick. It is not recommended for use on timber or on timber products such as medium density fibreboard, masonite or particleboard.

Bio Wall Paint breathes, while conventional wall paints seal off the walls, which can promote mould growth. Bio Wall Paint HD (Heavy Duty) has been tested by the Department of Defence according to the Australian Standard AS 1580 for scrub-resistant and dry hiding power.

It is therefore well suited for schools, restaurants, offices and public buildings with heavy traffic areas. Suitable for use in wet areas.

Bio Wall Paint has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) less than 1 gr. Per Litre and does not contribute to smog and pollution. It contains no lead, glycol derivates, aromatic hydrocarbons or styrene compounds.

Prepare the surface in accordance with AS 2311 - Painting of Buildings. The surface to be painted should be smooth, dry and cleaned of greasy and dirty contaminants.

Remove stains and/or seal off with a weak solution of shellac: 200-250 grams Shellac per 1 Litre methylated spirit. Old lime and kalsomine paint must be removed.

Oil based and acrylic paint surfaces - semigloss or gloss - should be sanded with sandpaper.

A test strip is recommended on already painted surfaces if compatibility is in doubt.

Highly absorbent, new and crumbly surfaces must be primed with BIO Wall Primer. Alkaline surfaces must be primed first with a special conventional sealer to prevent saponification of the paint. Plasterboard jointing cement should be left for 48 hours before painting.

Stir thoroughly before use with a broad flat stirrer. May be brushed, rolled or sprayed. Apply one thick coat or two thin coats (thinned with water 5%- 15% to obtain a smooth flowing consistency).

New Gyprock surfaces need two or three coats initially. Airless spraying requires 200 bar/pressure with a nozzle of 0.28 mm Titan -adjustable- or 0.53 mm with a fan angel of 50 degrees. *-DEEP BASE: For better hiding power use for the first coat 50% Deep base and 50% White base plus pigment. Second coat only Deep Base plus pigment.