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Bio Wood Protecting Borax - Interior/Exterior

Supplier: Bio Products

This is a transparent preservative prepared from Borax which can be used for interior or exterior applications.

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It seeps quickly into the wood, protecting against fungi and insects. It may be used to prime all types of wood surfaces, even timber with a moisture content above 20% or wood in contact with the ground. After treatment, wood becomes slightly brown in colour.

Note: this product does not currently comply with the Australian Standard 2057 " Soil Treatment for Buildings UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR PROTECTION AGAINST Subterranean Termites "

The following test reports have been published CSIRO Australia 1958 - Susceptibility of Termites to boric acid and New Zealand Forest Service - Toxicities of some Waterborne wood preservatives to wood-destroying fungi.

It has been approved by the Institute of Building Technology in Berlin as effective against fungi and insects.

Wood surfaces must be dry and cleaned of oily and greasy contaminants using BIO Thinner. Previous coatings must be removed.

Building frameworks, ceilings, log cabins, bee-hives, stalls, barns, windows, fence posts, garden furniture, railings, sand boxes etc.

Mix 150 grams Borax with one litre warm water (40C). Brush, dip or spray evenly, working it well into the grain.

Large or pest infested pieces should be dipped or sprayed. Visible surfaces should be painted with a brush. The second coat can be applied after 24 hours drying time.

Exposed timber which is in contact with the ground must be sealed off with a paint or
varnish, to prevent rain leaching out the salt.

For posts, beams and poles prepare a solution in a drum or trench and soak the timber for 24 hours. For proper protection use the following quantities:

  • Timber thickness less than 40 mm = 300 ml solution p.sqm
  • Timber thickness more than 40 mm = 350 ml solution p.sqm

For small holes from borers a 5% solution may be injected into the holes using a syringe