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Biohazard Control Products

Supplier: Manual Handling Australia

Exposure to body fluids is a real risk in all workplaces. Current OH&S legislation requires employers to assess, identify and control hazards arising from biological substances such as vomit, blood, faeces and urine.

Price Guide: POA

The following kits ensure the controls are in place to eliminate any foreseeable risk by containing and managing the spill as clinical waste.

Syringe Disposal Kit

Safely collects and disposes of discarded sharps in public areas reducing the risk of harm to employees and general public

  • Injection moulded container is approved to be disposed of in normal rubbish bins
  • Comes complete with gloves and correct handling instructions
  • Stores up to 10 syringes

Hygiene Pick Up Tools

Excellent for picking up bottles and debris as well as retrieving items out-of-reach. It is the ideal extension to your arm. The Nifty Nabber is made of aluminium and features rubber, overmoulded steel fingers.Powerful claws grip small and odd-shaped objects.

Short handle: 45cm long for use where reach over distance is not important but manual handling is unacceptable e.g. picking up syringes from public transport seats.

Long handle: Choice of two sizes 90cm and 140cm long. For use where distance handling is important. Allows, particularly, collection of items such as bottles, cans, syringes and other debris from ground level. Also useful to reach up to high shelves.

Paper Picker Pin: Ideal for picking up paper debris and cans.Made of lightweight steel. 100cm length.Replacement pin plugs are available.