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BlackBerry Bluetooth Car Kit from Professional Car Accessory's

Supplier: Professional Car Accessory's
01 May, 2012

Got a blackberry problem? - we might have a solution, got an Apple computer problem we might have a solution Got a XBOX problem we might even have a solution for that.

OK! Now that we have you attention, on a serious note we are the experts when it comes to BlackBerry Car Kits we can organise a quality Bluetooth car kit that will give you everything available to date
in Advanced Technology for you at your finger tips today.


Stereo Mute Quality sound through your stereo speakers, to double microphone for crystal clear calls with built in ECHO Cancellation and (DSP-3) that eliminates background and surrounding noise, including noise from inside the car.

For maximum listening quality. Pairing 5 to 10 Phones, connects automatically to the car, phone phonebook transfer, we can also offer you a Mobile Phone Charging Cradle.

Car-accessory’s can even organise a Bluetooth Car Kit for you that will connect through your Factory buttons on your steering Wheel.

Connects2 - Factory Steering Wheel Buttons

To offer you all the available Features at your finger tips, to make it even easier on the driver and still offering you that discreteness in your vehicle.

iPhone Car Kit-Parrot Car Kit

We also have a iPhone Car Kit Music Players for your vehicle yes that’s write you can receive calls from your iPhone on this Bluetooth Car Kit and also play music through your iPhone Car Kit including playing music off a usb stick. Best of all with a superior sound quality to match through all your car speakers.

Connects2 - Factory Steering Wheel Buttons - Motorola TK30

Yes we can offer you, a iPhone Car Kit that can also connect through the factory steering wheel buttons to let you receive calls and play music and give you piece of mind write at your finger tips.

In some vehicles we can even offer data from the iphone to your display board on your vehicle. Note this is car dependent